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   Chapter 210 Help In Secret

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The voice was Caleb's. He stopped Benjamin who was about to visit her.

Benjamin frowned, "what do you mean? I want to see her. "

"She doesn't want to see you!" Caleb said expressionlessly.

In the ward, Rachel couldn't help smiling. How could someone refuse others for her? Caleb didn't even ask her!

Benjamin snorted, "how do you know that your master doesn't want to see me?"

Caleb snorted and said, "she doesn't need to tell me? Everyone knows that your children have done bad things. Do you think the victim will be willing to see you? "

Only then did Rachel understand that the man was from the Liu clan.

She really didn't want to see them now.

"Why do you say that she doesn't want to see me?" Benjamin was so angry that he glared at him.

"she doesn't need to tell me? You are here for bargain! Do you really think it's so easy for you to handle it with us? " Caleb said with his arms around his neck.

Hearing them arguing at the door, Rachel said to Michelle, "go and call them in and make it clear by the way."

Michelle nodded, "okay."

Michelle walked out of the door and said to Caleb, "let him in!"

Caleb reluctantly let him in.

Benjamin glared at him before entering the ward.

Rachel glanced at him and asked coldly, "who are you? Why are you here? "

Benjamin looked her up and down and snorted, "if you hadn't had a conflict with my children and put them into prison, I wouldn't have to come here."

"Tell me, what do you want to do with this matter? No matter how much money you want, as long as it is within the reach of our Liu clan, I will definitely let this matter be completely solved! " Benjamin said in a sonorous and powerful voice.

Rachel smiled disdainfully, "uncle, how big tone it is! Why do you think I will accept the way you solve things with money? Your daughter almost killed me, and your son almost ruined my reputation. Can you solve these things with money? "

However, Benjamin didn't think so and said, "you are fine, aren't you? You are neither dead nor innocent. Why do you have to against us? "

"You are just a small star. You don't have any background at all. I'm willing to solve this matter peacefully with money. You have earned it! What else do you want? "

"Ha ha," said Rachel with a sneer. "So, Uncle bullied me because I'm a weak woman without a backer, so you use money to s

e [依依]'s private life was and how many stars and beauties she had ravaged all day long!

Seeing what the children from the rich had done, the netizens cursed them to a new level!

"It must be Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Bertha who set an example for their children secretly, so they taught such a person! it harms the society! "

"Does the Liu family want to use money to suppress these disturbance? Money makes the mare go. I hope the judiciary authorities will stick to justice. Don't get carried away!"! "

"That's right. I'd like to see if this matter will be over in the end?! If so, it means that the secret box of the Liu clan is operating! "

Under the supervision of the netizens, the whole society was paying attention to this case. No matter how Benjamin pleaded for mercy with money, no one dared to accept this kind of business.

Benjamin could do nothing but watch his children suffer in prison. He could only be anxious, but there was nothing he could do.

When Rachel knew the news, she just smiled with relief.

"This time, the netizens finally made a fair judgment. They didn't say that I made it up."

Michelle nodded and said, "that's a must. With someone backing you up, who dares to say anything bad about you?"

"Who is backing me up? Isn't it Monica's PR article? "

Hearing that, Michelle's face froze. It was not until then that she realized that she had said something wrong. she quickly corrected herself, "that's right. It was indeed Randall and Monica who did it. Don't think too much."

"Tell me the truth. Did Clark help us secretly?"

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