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   Chapter 205 Have a bad idea

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The handsome man looked at her with a smile and said, "you are so beautiful, Rachel."

Turning around, Rachel continued to feed the water birds and said casually, "Mr. Chester is busy every day. Why do you have time to travel?"

Holding back his smile, Chester said seriously, "I just learned yesterday that you were injured by Amy Are you OK? I came here as soon as I heard the news! "

Rachel turned to him and said indifferently, "don't you see that I'm fine? Is there anything wrong? "

"Are you blaming me for not protecting you in the first place?" Chester took a step closer and asked with guilt.

Rachel stood up and smiled, "how can I blame you? We are friends, and there is no other meaning between us. You'd better stop thinking about that! "

Chester pretended to be relaxed and smiled "I guess I'm being sentimental. In that case, let's not talk about it anymore. Let me feed the birds with you! "

Rachel handed him the bird food and said, "I have fed them. It's time to go back to rest."

Taking the bird food from her hand, Chester stared blankly at her back and smiled bitterly.

It seemed that in the eyes of Rachel, he was far less important than Clark.

"I won't give up until you are willing to accept me!" Clenching his fists, Chester swore to himself.

Mindy followed him in a hurry and looked back at him from time to time. She asked in confusion, "Rachel, Mr. Chester Don't you care? "

Rachel looked back and said helplessly, "it's none of my business? He is an adult. doesn't he know how to walk or can't he take care of himself? "

Mindy was choked.

But she was happy to hear what Rachel said. After all, even if Clark didn't show up, he had won a round.

After dinner and a good sleep, Amanda arrived at the hotel.

As soon as Amanda arrived, she couldn't wait to talk to Rachel.

"Tell me, what happened between you and my brother? Why did he ask me to accompany you in person? "

Amanda's arrival surprised Rachel a lot, and now she was even more surprised to hear that.

"Did your brother ask you to come here?" Rachel stared at her in surprise.

Being stared at by her, Amanda was a little scared. She nodded and said, "my brother asked me to come here."

"Why did he ask you to accompany me?" Asked Rachel curiously.

"Ha ha," A

hrough Connor's eyes. "Book a few tickets to the water island for me right now! Find some skilled men to follow her and catch her to avenge my sister! "

"Yes!" The assistant turned around and left at once.

Connor's face slowly showed a trace of covetousness. "Such a beautiful woman. If I could play with her once, it would be worthwhile to die!"

Clark, who was also in M City, was reading a thick stack of reports carefully. The more he read, the more he frowned.

"The Liu clan is really a poor and vicious gangster. They can do anything? Why didn't anyone reveal their past? " Clark asked coldly.

The man in black on the other side nodded slightly to him and reported, "this has something to do with the Liu clan's background. The Liu clan not only has money, but also has uncle Caden in the police station. There are many other relatives who are official. If they collude with government and business, ordinary people really can't hurt them."

"Really?" Clark sneered, "according to the information, Connor is a lecher?"

"That's right. Connor often goes to all kinds of entertainment places. Changing women is like changing clothes. As long as he likes a slightly beautiful woman, he must get her." The man in black reported patiently.

Clark touched his chin and said coldly, "that's interesting."

"No," the man in Black said with a hint of worry in his eyes, "Mr. Clark, Miss Rachel She is so beautiful. I'm afraid that she has attracted the attention of Connor present. he might have some bad ideas... "

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