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   Chapter 204 Swimming in the water island

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The advertising company was not at ease until Randall promised him repeatedly.

That night, when Rachel returned to the hotel room, she lay on the bed and took a swipe for a while. Seeing that there was still no movement on the top, she could not help but feel a little restless.

The calmer it was, the more a storm was about to come.

Since the Liu family was protecting their family member, how could they just watch Amy suffer without saying anything?

The more Rachel thought about it, the more strange she felt.

Mindy was lying on the nap bed two meters away from her big bed. Feeling that Rachel couldn't sleep well, she stood up and asked, "Rachel, what's wrong with you?"

Shaking her head, Rachel said, "I always think that Amy's matter is not that simple, but the Liu family hasn't taken any action yet. I don't know what they are planning behind us."

Mindy thought for a while and said, "in that case, we should be careful in usual. The Liu family won't show up in person this time. "

"Did Clark tell you that?" Rachel asked subconsciously.

Mindy was stunned for a moment, and then nodded, "yes, Mr. Clark cares about your situation very much. He has analyzed the matters of the Liu family with me and advised us to wait and see."

With a bitter smile, Rachel said, "he did care about us."

Mindy hesitated for a moment and said, "in fact, Mr. Clark really cares about you. No matter where you are, he will be the first to arrive as long as there is danger!"

"Well, forget about him." Rachel didn't want to talk about Clark. Even if he cared about her, so what? He had a fiancee. What good result could he have with her?

Gritting her teeth, Mindy decided to spit it out as soon as possible. "In fact, when we were shooting the Road of Peace, you had a high fever, and the village doctor could do nothing about it. It was director Bob who called Mr. Clark and told him about your situation..."

"That night, Mr. Clark came with the doctor overnight to take care of you until the second morning. Your fever was brought down and he went back to work after making sure there was nothing wrong."

Rachel was completely stunned.

She wondered why she felt that Clark was with her that night? It turned out that he was really with her!

"Then why did I see Chester when I woke up the second morning?" Rachel was even more confused.

Mindy lowered her

l the simplicity and kindness of the local people almost everywhere, which made her feel at ease.

When Rachel went to the beach, she saw many old people feeding seagulls. she also bought a bag of bird food with great interest and went close to seabirds.

She was beautiful, and combined with such a beautiful scene, she was like a fairy from the heaven.

Mindy couldn't help taking a few beautiful photos of her, and then she sent them to Clark, with a text attached, "Mr. Clark, I'm sorry, I accidentally spilled the beans last night. Rachel has already known that she was sick in a remote mountain area last time. You called a doctor to check on her and take care of her..."

Clark didn't reply her.

Mindy felt relieved.

Seeing that the two people were at odds and couldn't get together, she, as an outsider, was also anxious.

After all, Clark was her real boss. Of course, she wanted to help him keep an eye on Rachel.

Unfortunately, when Mindy deserted, a familiar figure appeared.

Rachel was feeding the birds. Seeing them eating happily, she was so happy that she kept smiling.

A handsome young man stood not far away, quietly looking at Rachel, with a smile on his face.

He took a lot of pictures of Rachel, but she didn't notice it.

After taking enough photos, the handsome man walked over to her and stopped one meter away from Rachel. He smiled and greeted her, "beauty, it's so elegant. Can we have a good time?"

Rachel turned around and smoothed her long hair that covered her eyes. But when she saw the handsome man, she was stunned. "It's you?"

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