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   Chapter 203 There Must be a Later Move

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The Liu Family that Nancy mentioned was also in chaos.

Mrs. Phoebe sat beside and cried. Mr. Leo had just smashed several teacups, and the ground was in a mess. He had a ghastly facial expression.

"How dare she! How dare this Rachel Yan bully our family member? I don't think she wants to die!" Amy's brother, Connor Liu, gnashed his teeth.

Leo's chest rose and fell. Obviously, he was very angry.

"What should we do? Leo, please find a way to get Amy out of the prison. She has been born in a wealthy family and has never suffered such hardship." Mrs. Phoebe cried bitterly. Although she was getting old, she looked very young.

Leo was boiling with anger!

"Amy is also a fool. How can she do it herself? Isn't it enough to send someone to do it? But she is like a stupid pig, rushing forward to take revenge on her own!" Leo said with disappointment.

Connor tried to comfort them, "Dad, mom, don't scold my sister now. She is indeed not very smart, but this Rachel is the person we should deal with. Doesn't she know the power of our family? How dare she call the police for this simple thing? Isn't she obviously against our family?

If this news spreads out, perhaps others will say that our family doesn't raise our daughter well and has a murderer! On the surface, Rachel slapped Amy in the face, but in fact, she slapped our family in the face! Think about it. When was our reputation ruined like this?" Conner said.

Leo didn't think too much about it before. Hearing what Conner said, he immediately realized the seriousness of the matter.

"Hurry up. Buy off the media and tell them not to reveal this kind of thing in any case. Otherwise, our company's stock market will be in turmoil again!" Leo ordered Conner immediately.

Conner nodded obediently, answering, "No problem. I'll make a phone call to achieve that. However, as for Rachel...... What are you going to do with her?"

"What?" Leo glared at him and said, "Do you want to kidnap her and ask her to withdraw the lawsuit? Amy was going to raise the knife to kill her. It's reasonable for her to use the weapon of law to protect her rights and interests!"

"Leo, who are you helping? Which side are you on? Alas, my poor Amy is worse than a stranger in your mind!" Phoebe began to cry again.

Annoyed, Leo waved his hand and said, "Conner, go to deal with it!"

"Yes, dad!" Conner was overjoyed and hurried out.

After returning to his room, Conner made a call to the media and asked them to keep

d, they may want to invite you to endorse their products in the future!"

"Okay, it's up to you." On second thought, Rachel thought it was unnecessary to postpone such a good thing.

Therefore, the dinner party began and was booked in the hotel where Rachel lived.

They were sitting at the table. Half of them were from the advertising company, and the other half were from Rachel's studio. The two sides were toasting and chatting, and the atmosphere was harmonious.

At last, person from the advertising company kindly reminded Rachel, "I heard from the police that Miss Amy comes from the Liu Family in the M city. The Liu Family has a very strong background. It is well-known to protect the young. I'm afraid it's not that simple. Miss Rachel, be careful!"

With a sweet smile, Rachel said, "Okay, I see. Thank you for reminding me. Don't worry. It won't affect our advertising effect. I promise."

"Ha-ha, that's good." The leader of the advertising company smiled with satisfaction. That was why he had dinner with Rachel tonight.

In fact, he was also afraid that the money he had invested would be in vain if anything bad happened to Rachel's reputation.

Randall stood up and toasted to the leader of the advertising company, saying, "It's Amy Liu's fault. They want to retaliate against us? It's not that easy. Besides, we have evidence. As long as the evidence comes out, they can't defend themselves. Is it really that easy to frame someone up? What do you think?"

The leader's smile deepened. He said, "I knew you would have a plan! I don't care about anything else. I only have one request, that is not to affect the advertisement!"

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