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   Chapter 202 Amy Was Send to Prison

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Hearing that, Michelle was stunned and thought what they said made sense. She said, "If we go to court, I think her father can't say anything else. After all, his daughter hurt you first. We just protect our rights and interests.

If this matter is spread on the Internet, I'm afraid it will not only embarrass Amy, but also the Liu Family. People would blame her father for raising a daughter who was a murderer. That's a disgrace!"

After a self-analysis, Michelle finally understood the main point.

Randall nodded and said, "Yes, so the legal suit and online slander are completely different from each other. If we want to sue Amy, we have to keep a low profile."

Rachel nodded slightly and said, "That's the deal! Let's do it. Go and tell Clark, please."

"Okay." With that, Randall stood up and walked out.

The hospital was very close to the hotel. They were almost opposite to each other.

So when Randall returned to the hotel, he saw that Clark was still cooperating with the police. Amy shrank aside, trembling with fear.

After a while, the police finally finished recording. They checked the surveillance video from the hotel and took Amy away.

Randall then walked up to Clark and said, "Mr. Clark, thank you for saving Rachel. I thank you on her behalf."

"Protect her better from now on," Clark said coldly with displeasure on his face.

"Yes," replied Randall, and then he told him, "Rachel asked us not to spread this on the Internet, in case of arousing the aversion of Amy's father and causing unnecessary trouble. What do you think?"

"It's your business. I won't interfere." Clark's voice was cold and indifferent, as if he was rejecting people thousands of miles away.

"Okay," replied Randall.

He turned around and was about to leave, but Clark suddenly asked, "Is she seriously injured?"

"Fortunately, the wound is not deep and it is not close to the heart. The doctor said that she will be fine after a few days' rest," Randall reported in detail.

Clark nodded, saying, "I'll go with you to see her."

A trace of surprise flashed through Randall's eyes, but it quickly disappeared.

The two of them came to the hospital one after the other.

When the crowd saw Clark, they all stood up and found an excuse to leave.

With her eyes closed and her face pale, Rachel turned to sleep sideways, so

ct you well. I... I..." As she spoke, Mindy's eyes turned red.

Rachel waved her hand and comforted her, "Don't worry. It's not all your fault. I also have responsibility for not protecting myself well."

Facing such a good master, Mindy was moved and ashamed.

Nancy was shocked to know that Amy was put into prison, so was Teresa.

"Amy Liu is such a fool. How could she go to the Rowen town to do something to Rachel on her own? Is she stupid?" Nancy cursed.

Teresa asked worriedly, "Do you think she will betray us?"

"Of course not. She wouldn't have done such a stupid thing if she hadn't hated Rachel so much. Besides, have we said anything? Did we ask her to kill someone? We just said a few hateful words about Rachel. Then she tried to kill Rachel regardless of the consequences. It totally has nothing to do with us!" Nancy waved her hand and said indifferently.

Teresa was relieved. "The Liu Family won't let it go easily!"

Nancy snorted, "The Liu Family is famous for protecting their children. This time, Rachel called the police and sent Amy into the prison. I'd like to see how she will resist if they take action!"

A hint of slyness appeared in Teresa's eyes. "I'll ask Mrs. Phoebe about it another day."

"Anyway, there will be no good ending for Rachel. How can the Liu Family let her go? Mrs. Phoebe loves her daughter very much. Amy's brother was also a famous lecher. If he knew that it was Rachel who did it, he might have many tricks to deal with her! Hahaha..."

Nancy smiled complacently, and Teresa also looked expectant.

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