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   Chapter 201 Ruthless and Vicious

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Surprised, Rachel turned around slowly. When she saw the person in front of her clearly, she was stunned. "Amy, why are you here?"

Amy chuckled, saying, "What's wrong? Why can't I come here as long as you come here?"

With a frown, Rachel said calmly, "It seems that we are really coincidental to meet in such a small place."

Amy looked haggard now. It must be hard to be banished.

"Rachel," said Amy, staring at her and sneering, "Are you happy to defeat me?"

"You are thinking too much! It was not me who defeated you, but yourself," Rachel said calmly.

Amy took two steps forward, and a cold smile slowly appeared on her face. She asked, "Really? You ruined my career. How can you make it up to me?"

"What are you going to do?" Rachel took two steps back in fear. This woman looked ferocious, so she was really a little scary!

"What am I going to do? Ha-ha, I hate to see your face! Of course I want to disfigure you!" A dagger appeared in Amy's hand!

Rachel widened her eyes and asked, "Amy, are you going to commit a crime? Do you know you will be arrested?"

"So what? Anyway, there is no one here, and this is a blind area for monitoring. Even if I kill you, no one will know!" A crazy smile appeared on Amy's face.

Rachel knew how important appearance was to a star! If her face was destroyed, her career would be doomed!

She would not allow this kind of thing to happen.

Immediately, Rachel reacted quickly, turned around and ran away!

Seeing that Rachel was about to run away, Amy rushed up to her and grabbed her arm.

Rachel didn't expect her to be so fast!

"I won the champion of running when I was a student. Can you beat me?" Amy sneered.

Rachel didn't dare to look back at her. What if she cut her face?

"Let go of me!" Rachel struggled hard and got rid of Amy's hand.

She tried her best to run forward again!

She managed to run to a place with surveillance cameras!

This was the only thought in Rachel's mind. At least she could have evidence if the police was to investigate it afterwards.

However, Amy's eyes were blinded by hatred and her mind went blank. She ran after Rachel with a dagger in her hand.

"Go to hell! I just wanted to scratch your face, but now it seems that I have to kill you!" Amy shouted.

"Killing a person means going to jail. Amy, think it over! Don't be instigated by another person to come here to dea

in the hotel, such a thing might not have happened.

Fortunately, the wound was on her left shoulder. Amy didn't use much strength and the wound was not deep. The doctor just simply bandaged the wound, gave her infusion bottle and left.

"Amy is such a crazy woman. We can't let her off lightly this time!" Michelle said indignantly.

Randall nodded, replying, "Yes, you are right. We can't let such a person off lightly. Let her be punished by the law!"

Monica, who was standing aside, frowned and said, "Amy's father is really rich. Even if she is put into prison, she will be bailed out soon."

"Then spread the news of her holding a knife and hurting Rachel. At the same time, appeal to her and let the netizens monitor the case. No matter how capable her father is, the court dare not to be unfair!" Michelle said angrily.

Randall frowned and said, "I think this method is feasible. She almost killed someone, and she still wants to escape the legal punishment? No way!"

At this time, Rachel suddenly opened her eyes and shook her head. "Forget it. She was also blinded by hatred. We can sue her. There is no need to destroy her reputation on the Internet."

"You are so kind, Rachel. Has she ever pitied you?" Michelle complained.

However, Rachel smiled faintly, stating, "There's no need to be ruthless."

Randall nodded in agreement, saying, "Yes, if we send her to prison as well as damage her reputation, I'm afraid her father won't let us go easily. What if her father intervenes in the entertainment circle and goes against us everywhere? What should we do at that time?"

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