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   Chapter 200 Meet again

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"Of course it's the advertising company. We have to shoot the advertisement for them. There are some details that need to be discussed, right?" Without looking up, Michelle said lightly.

"Okay." Looking at the sea of flowers and the blue sky outside the window, Rachel felt much better.

She picked up her phone and quickly replied to a message from Clark, "don't drink so much next time. If you feel bored, go on a trip!"

After sending this message, she took a landscape picture and sent it to him.

At this time, in the office of the Ji group, Clark clicked on this photo and smiled. he casually set this beautiful picture as the background of his mobile phone.

Amanda came in and saw her brother's half smile. She couldn't help but get close to him and asked, "what makes you so happy?"

Clark turned off the phone and glanced at her indifferently. "What are you doing here again?"

Amanda curled her lips discontentedly and said, "I don't know who was so drunk last night. it is me who ask someone to carry you back? Otherwise, with Rachel's small body, she can still withstand you? "

Clark didn't respond.

"Don't miss her. she went on a trip this morning, so she didn't have time to miss you!" Amanda deliberately poured cold water on him.

Clark still kept silent.

Amanda curled her lips and said, "I don't know who called 'Rachel' last night. Tut, tut, it's so humiliating!"

Clark's face was a little gloomy, and his dark eyes under his eyebrows couldn't see through his emotions.

"Brother, why are you so strange? Obviously, you didn't like Anna, but you insisted on putting her beside you to make your sick! you are very interested in Rachel, but you have to pretend to refuse her thousands of miles away. Are you tired or not? " Amanda shook his arm and asked.

"Fuck off!" Clark said through clenched teeth.

Amanda shrank back, pretending to be afraid. "I'm kind enough to help you. Anyway, grandpa has begun to find a boyfriend for Rachel!"

Clark's face darkened.

Amanda left sensibly.

At this hour, Rachel was sitting in the hall of the hotel and had a good talk with the advertisement.

Perhaps it was because the scenery was pleasant and she was in a good mood, she felt that the advertising company was also very easy-going. The two sides had a si

chel hung up the phone without hesitation!

She wanted to speak to Amanda, but now she didn't want to speak at all!

How she wished she could slap herself two times. She was drunk and unconscious. Why did she call others? She called the wrong number!

Now she just hoped that Clark wouldn't misunderstand her.

Startled, Rachel was completely awake.

She immediately sent a message to Amanda on WeChat, "I called you just now, but I called your brother by mistake. God, help me!"

Amanda immediately replied, "it seems that you don't really want to see me. Otherwise, how can you mistake my name?"

"I'm really wronged. I drank too much tonight. I think the scenery here is very good. I want you to come here for fun and inspiration!"

"Do you want me or my brother to go there?"

"Don't make fun of me."

"Okay, let's get down to business. My grandfather has found you a good man. When will you come back to see him?"

"What? Did grandpa Peter really mean it? Can I say no? "

"You can choose between him and my brother."

"Then I'd better meet that good man..."

The two girls chatted happily on WeChat. Rachel was so happy that she forgot her embarrassment.

She didn't know when she fell asleep. It was already the noon of the second day when she woke up.

When she went out to look for her companions, she was surprised to find that everyone had already gone out to take a walk in the sea of flowers, but no one woke her up

At this moment, a familiar voice sounded behind Rachel, "we meet again..."

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