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   Chapter 199 Being drunk and embarrassed

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The Butler waved his hand and smiled, "call me Gavin from now on! Of course I can't guess what's on Mr. Clark's mind. But I've watched him grow up, so I know a little about his temperament. "

"In private places like the chateau, he usually comes here by himself or with a few friends. He has never brought a woman. You are the first one."

Hearing this, a myriad of feelings welled up in Rachel's heart and she didn't know what to think.

Gavin took a serious look at Rachel and said, "Miss Rachel, I know Mr. Clark is a man of few words and doesn't like to speak what he think in his heart. I saw the way he looked at you just now, and he took you as a confidant."

Rachel was embarrassed. How did Gavin see that Clark took her as a confidant?

She didn't even dare to say it herself, but Gavin was so eloquent.

"Miss Rachel, please come here more often in the future. Mr. Clark is in a high position, but he has a lot of things that he can't control. You should be more considerate. If he could see you often, he might have less trouble. "

With a smile on her face, Rachel muttered in her heart, 'why hasn't Amanda come to the rescue?'?

Seeing that she was absent-minded, Gavin shut his mouth wisely.

"I'll go inside to check on Mr. Clark. You have called someone here. Take him away later!"

Then Gavin went into the basement.

After a short while, Amanda finally arrived, out of breath, followed by two bodyguards.

"Where is my brother?" Amanda asked immediately.

Rachel pointed at the door of the basement and said, "he's inside!"

Amanda ran into the room in a hurry. At this time, Clark had already fallen asleep with the help of Gavin.

He breathed evenly and whispered from time to time.

Amanda was pissed off. She stepped forward and gave Clark a hard twist on the arm. "You deserve it! Well, you deserve it when you are with Anna! "

Clark frowned, but he didn't wake up and fell asleep soon.

Standing behind the crowd, Rachel blushed.

Amanda ordered the two bodyguards to take Clark out. Then she turned to Gavin and said apologetically, "I'm sorry, tie. It's time for you to get off work, right? It's all his fault. Why did he come here to drink? "

However, Gavin smiled and spread out his hands. "It's rare for you two to come here. I'm glad to see you! It's boring to

ip, Randall also tried his best to choose a place with beautiful scenery so that everyone could relax. He also hoped that Sherry could slowly restore her former lively personality during this trip.

Sherry nodded to Rachel "Thank you for your concern. I'm fine."

After a short while, the car stopped at the gate of the best hotel in the town. Randall explained to everyone, "this is the best hotel in the town. Even so, it's still a little different from the city. Let's make do with it!"

They all got off the car and walked into the hotel with their luggage.

After checking in, they went to their own rooms with their luggage.

After entering the room, Rachel turned on her phone, threw it on the bed, turned around and went to settle luggage.

They had to stay in the Rowen town for at least a few days. After finishing the commercial shooting, they would go to the next station.

"Ding Dong..." the phone suddenly rang.

Rachel walked over and picked it up. It was a message from Clark?

She clicked it and saw two words "thank you" on it, and then there was nothing else.

Stunned, Rachel recalled the intimate scene last night when he held her in his arms and pressed her under his body

She shook her head and forced herself not to think about it.

At this time, Michelle came in. Looking at the luggage that had not been packed yet, Michelle instinctively walked over to help Rachel pack up.

"Hurry up. We are going to see our boss later." Michelle said while cleaning up.

Rachel asked in confusion, "what boss?"

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