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   Chapter 195 Traveling while working

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Clark didn't take it seriously and said coldly, "she should know it anyway."

"Brother!" Amanda couldn't stand it anymore and was about to lose her temper.

However, Rachel stopped her, "Amanda, your brother is right. I can't always be a coward. Something will come sooner or later."

Amanda sighed and said, "well, I just don't want you to be too painful."

With a bitter smile, Rachel said, "it doesn't matter? My parents were inexplicably crowned as smuggling criminals. It's the real pain to die miserably in prison. "

In the end, in this gloomy atmosphere, Rachel left the Ji family.

With the information about her life story in her hand, she returned to the crew with a heavy heart and uneasiness.

Before getting off the car, Clark said in a cold voice, "no matter what the truth is, you should be strong."

Rachel turned to look at him. Was this comfort or encouragement?

"Thank you for telling me. Otherwise, I wouldn't have known my identity." Rachel forced a smile at him.

At this moment, her mood was very complicated. She didn't know if she should be happy for her own family, or should she feel sad for her parents' strange death?

All in all, she felt that there was so much information in her mind that she was about to explode. Now she just wanted to have some time to digest it.

After getting out of the car, Rachel walked towards the hotel in a daze.

Sitting in the car, Clark watched her enter the hotel, but refused to leave.

No one knew what was on his mind when he was sitting in the car and looking at the cold man in front of the empty hotel door.

In the next few days, Rachel had been very depressed.

In fact, she really wanted to see her so-called grandparents, but she was a little resentful why they had been indifferent to her for so many years.

She didn't act well these days and was scolded by director Howard every time.

Fortunately, she didn't have many scenes, and the filming would be finished in a few days.

Seeing that she was so not good, Aron came to talk to her after the play.

"Rachel, this is not like you. Do you have something on your mind recently?" Aron asked straightforwardly.

With a bitter smile, Rachel shook her head and said, "nothing serious. I'm just a little upset."

"Why don't you tell me and I'll help you analyze it?" Aron suggested.

However, Rachel declined politely, "in fact, it's not a big

Randall didn't tell her much about the work. He just said, "have a good rest. Thank you."

Lying on the big bed, Rachel tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep.

Finally, she struggled out of bed with a pair of black eyes and made up her mind. "I want to travel!"

Rachel felt that if he didn't go out for a walk, she would probably die of depression.

On the second day, when Rachel told everyone the news, everyone was extremely happy!

Randall immediately clapped his hands and said, "I'll check the schedule by the way. I'll see if there's anything interesting nearby and make a strategy!"

Rachel nodded in agreement, "take everyone in the studio with us. Let's go for a walk!"

"Before we shoot the new movie, let's hurry up to travel!" Randall also looked a little excited.

Previously, because of the negative news about Rachel, all the people in the studio were highly nervous and didn't dare to relax.

Now that they heard that they could relax, the sadness on their faces immediately disappeared. They were happily talking about where to go.

Michelle asked "Didn't you say that you should be careful of Amy? Rachel Isn't it good for you to go out in a big way now? "

Rachel also asked her "Are we going to stay at home because of Amy? She's in the dark, and I'm in the open. No matter how hard I try, I can't guard against her. I'd rather just put myself in the sun and lure the snake out of its hole! "

Michelle was choked by her words. Was it because they knew that Amy would take action and they had to be careful all the time to avoid her? It's killing people?

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