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   Chapter 193 Mr. Clark felt guilty

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Lauren said with a cold face, "Chester ., you are born in a big family, so you should know that our family has always been profit oriented! No matter what you say, your father and I won't make a concession to this marriage! "

With that, Lauren left in a huff.

The living room was quiet for a while, and Ethan's face was also very bad. He stood up and left.

The rest of the seven aunts came to persuade Chester, "it's not me to blame you, Chester. Find a star wife, beautiful but not practical. It's more practical to marry a big family!"

"That's right. It's not easy to get in our Jiang clan. Don't let normal people in! This is not a shelter! "

"Chester, don't be stubborn. After all, your parents want to marry Li family's daughter for your sake. You have to understand their hard work!"

Rachel stood there at a loss and didn't know what to say.

In fact, she had expected that the Jiang family's parents would object, but she did not expect that the relatives also stretched out their hands so long.

Seeing the unwilling look on Chester's face, she was a little sad.

In fact, she had a good impression of him, but unfortunately, he appeared late. At that time, her heart had already been completely occupied by Clark, and she could no longer put him in her heart.

Therefore, now that she was refused by Lauren, Rachel didn't feel ashamed or sad at all.

"Rachel, let's go!" Holding her hand, Chester walked out of the door.

Rachel looked at him worriedly, but Chester smiled at her and said, "it's okay. They can't affect me."

"I don't want you to quarrel with your parents because of me. After all, they are the ones who have brought you up. I envy you for having parents. " Rachel tried to comfort him.

As soon as the two of them walked out, they met Clark at the door, almost without warning.

Stunned, Rachel stood still.

Why is Clark here?

Chester also stopped and looked at him with hesitation.

Clark stepped forward and said coldly, "Grandpa asked me to take you home for dinner."

It was a very ambiguous sentence.

At least it sounded the same to Rachel and Chester.

"Grandpa Peter? Why did he ask you to have dinner? " Rachel asked almost subconsciously.

Clark replied expressionlessly, "he wa

She could even feel that after hearing that she would not marry into the Jiang family, Clark seemed to be in a better mood.

As soon as she opened the door, Amanda walked up to her and said, "Rachel, my idol, you're finally here!"

Rachel smiled awkwardly, "what idol? It's too exaggerated. "

When she entered the gate of the Ji family, Rachel felt at ease at home, which was completely different from the feeling of entering the Jiang family.

Rachel had always believed her intuition, and her intuition told her that the Jiang family was really not suitable for her to stay. On the contrary, the Ji family made her more relaxed.

Amanda held her hand and said happily, "you don't know that as soon as you go to the Jiang family, our whole family will be nervous! Of course, except for my parents who are abroad and know nothing about it. "

"Where did you get the news? You are so smart. You found me as soon as I went to the Jiang family. "

Amanda pointed at Clark and whispered to Rachel, "it was his people who informed him. He had no choice but to discuss with me. That's why I knew you were going to meet Jiang family!"

"Clark?" Rachel turned to look at Clark, only to find that he looked indifferent, as if he didn't know what they were talking about.

Amanda nodded, "yes, it's him. He has a guilty conscience now!"

With her big eyes blinking, Rachel asked, "everything is right. Why does he feel guilty?"

Amanda got excited and approached her, "how about you guess?"

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