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   Chapter 191 Hang out with me

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Amanda shook her head and said, "she hasn't made up her mind yet, but she is hesitating. Rachel is like a boat floating on the sea now. She has no one to rely on and no one can find her. If she marries Chester, she will have a backer in the future. "

"It's a good marriage for both Rachel and Chester. Chester liked Rachel very much and went to the set to flatter you from time to time. Rachel has a good personality and a beautiful face. She must be able to win the favor of the Chester's parents. "

Speaking of this, Amanda was a little anxious. "Brother, you'd better hurry up. If Rachel really becomes the lady of the Jiang clan, it's too late for you to regret in the future!"

Clark narrowed his eyes and said firmly, "she won't marry him."

"Brother," Amanda couldn't help asking, "Why are you still deceiving yourself?"

Clark looked up at her, indicating her to go on.

Amanda analyzed, "you have a fiancee now. Although you are not engaged, at least everyone knows that you have a woman. Rachel doesn't have to be with you. She hasn't got any promise from you. Why should she wait for you? "

"Although you are unmarried and she is not married, you are very cold to her and give her no hope at all. In comparison, you are like an iceberg. Chester is the sun, and no one will choose you! Of course, Rachel is no exception. "

Clark's face darkened. The air around him seemed to be suffocating.

Amanda didn't care about Clark at all. For the sake of her brother's lifelong happiness, she had to say, "brother, don't hesitate any more. Go and talk to her! Otherwise, your sweetheart will be married. "

After a long silence, Clark sneered and sat back.

"You don't have to persuade me. go back." Clark buried his head in the files again, ignoring Amanda's existence.

But a few words really vetoed everything.

Amanda sighed, "brother, I have told you what I should say. If you don't cherish it, don't regret it in the future."

Amanda had to turn around and leave.

On the second day, Randall came. After reading the script in Rachel's hand, he said seriously, "I think you should consider this play. It's very rare."

"But..." Rachel wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

Randall waved his hand at her and said, "let's not talk about anything else. I have planned to get this play for you before, but I didn't expect that before I could do it, Chester helped you get it. What

erstand. You will be in charge of the final decision of who to sign the contract. After all, you are the boss of our studio."

"Okay, go ahead with your work." Rachel nodded.

At noon, Bill came to visit Aron.

At lunch time, Aron called out Rachel.

Sitting at the table, Rachel looked at Bill up and down and couldn't help shaking her head. "You've changed a lot. You've lost a lot of weight and become black, unlike young men. Are you going to transform into a tough man?"

Bill smiled bitterly, "it's all the company's fault. The company has been lack of resources recently. They always ask me to shoot spy plays and war plays. We fight and kill all day long, and the shooting place is far away from a remote and backward place. It's strange that I don't become like this."

Rachel smiled "It's a good thing that there's a scene to shoot. Don't complain."

Bill sighed and said, "although my family is a little powerful, in fact, the elders don't support me to act in the movie, so Clark gave me a hard time. my family doesn't care me, just to force me to retreat from difficulties."

"Then what do you think?" Rachel asked in confusion.

Bill shook his head and said, "it's impossible to shoot a movie for a lifetime. I'm just shooting for fun. In fact, I've already transformed into an investment business in secret."

Rachel's eyes lit up. "You are so far sighted."

Thinking of what had happened to Rachel a few days ago, Bill said with concern, "look at your own experience. The entertainment circle is not easy to deal with. I don't know when the career will be over. Why don't you join me? "

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