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   Chapter 185 Uphold justice

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Rachel looked back at Amy and asked curiously, "Miss Amy, what can I do for you?"

Amy looked at her coldly, stepped forward two steps, and said unhappily, "look at your coquettish behavior. How dare you seduce Aron openly?"

Even though Rachel was lying on the bed, she was shot.

"I don't mean that to him. Don't worry." Said Rachel indifferently.

Amy sneered, "that's not what you mean. Why do you keep talking to him?"

Rachel looked at her funny "What's wrong? Is Miss Amy Aron's girlfriend? "

"What are you talking about?" Amy glared at her.

"If you are not, then what qualifications do you have to ask him to keep a distance from other women?" Rachel looked at her, pretending not to understand.

Amy was so angry that she stamped her feet, turned around and left.

Rachel couldn't help but shake her head. It seemed that Amy had a crush on Aron.

Back to the hotel room, Rachel hid in bed and read a book. Michelle beside her kept chattering, "Amy is not a simple girl. She always wants to make trouble for you. You'd better stay away from her and also from Aron!"

"From what Amy said, she seems to be interested in Aron. If you continue to be so close to him, will it cause a lot of trouble?"

Rachel nodded, "you're right. I should keep a distance from Aron."

Michelle asked "By the way, why did Mr. Clark come to see you?

Rachel shook her head "It's okay. he was just looking my jokes."

In the past, Michelle belonged to Clark and always spoke for him.

But now, Michelle belonged to Rachel. When she heard that her Rachel was bullied like this, she immediately felt unhappy.

"How could Mr. Clark do that? He is holding you in the cloud and throwing you down! This move is too cruel! " Michelle defended for Rachel.

With a helpless smile, she said, "let bygones be bygones."

Michelle sighed, "well, have a good rest."

Then she turned off the light for Rachel and went back to her room.

However, it was hard for Rachel to fall asleep in the dark night. Clark's face was as cold as before, and there was no emotion in her mind.

Today, he said that she was not suitable for Chester.

He also said that she was having a hard time.

What did he mean by saying that?

Rachel tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep. It was not until the latter half of the nigh

d scolded them.

Everyone was silent for a long time.

In particular, those actors and actresses had more or less squeezed out and laughed at Rachel.

Although there was no video of them on the Internet, they had long been worried that their secrets would be grasped by someone and become a time bomb.

At this time, Rachel was hiding in her room and browsing the blog. The comments on it were really wonderful. The support and sympathy of the netizens made her feel very warm in her heart.

She didn't expect that someone would uphold justice for her after she endured all these grievances. It was so touching.

But who helped her?

It was absolutely not done by Michelle. She wouldn't have taken these videos so blatantly.

At this time, Amy was so angry that she smashed everything in the room, wishing to go to the roof and remove the tiles.

"Who did this? Was it Rachel? !" Amy asked her agent angrily.

However, the agent seemed to be calm. "She's just an outdated actress. If it weren't for her, who else could have done it?"

"Nonsense!" Amy interrupted her, "I've been watching them on the set every day. I didn't find anything unusual. Besides, director Howard has already ordered us not to reveal any information on the film set, including photos and videos! "

"If it weren't for her and the agent called Michelle, who else could it be?" Amy's agent asked curiously.

Amy also frowned, "I also feel strange. They don't dare to disobey the order of director Howard. Then who else can help them do such a thing?"

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