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   Chapter 184 Make things difficult on purpose

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"Who?" Rachel was a little surprised. Who would come to see her at this time?

"You'll know when you get there." Director Howard didn't say anything more and turned away.

Aron stood up and smiled at her, "hurry up. Maybe it's an important guest!"

On her way to the meeting room, Rachel was wondering who it was? How could someone come to her at this time?

She had thought it was Mr. Peter or Amanda, but when she opened the door, she found that the tall figure was so familiar that she didn't need to guess who it was.


Why did he come at this time? And he even chose this place. Did he do it on purpose?

Standing there silently, Rachel just looked at him in a daze.

Clark turned around and met her flustered eyes.

Rachel didn't want to look into his eyes, so she turned her face away.

Clark just stared at her without saying a word, just like her.

The atmosphere between the two was awkward for a moment.

Rachel couldn't stand it anymore. She turned around and tried to escape from this suffocating place, but was suddenly stopped.


Clark's voice was still cold and emotionless.

With her heart trembling slightly, Rachel stopped and asked in confusion, "what brings you here?"

Clark took a deep look at her. After a while, he said in a cold voice, "you won the case. Don't you have anything to say to me?"

Hearing this, anger rose in Rachel's heart in an instant. "Shouldn't I ask you this question?"

But Clark didn't care. He just looked at her calmly and waited for her to continue.

Rachel couldn't stand him anymore. He didn't say more than a few words every time, as if he was indifferent.

"I have nothing to say to you. You can leave now." Rachel really didn't want to have anything to do with Clark anymore.

"Is it true between you and Chester?" Clark frowned and asked.

Rachel smiled coldly "Does it have anything to do with you? You are no longer my boss now. You don't have to threaten me with that! "

"You don't fit him." Clark said as if he hadn't heard it.

Rachel's temper was completely ignited. She roared desperately, "it's none of your business whether we are right or not? I didn't say that you and Anna are not meant for each other. Why are you pointing your fingers at me? What do you mean? Only the governor is allowed to set fire, and not the common people are allowed to light the light? "

Clark's dark eyes were bottomless, and his expression was obscure, as

over her.

Sure enough, director Howard came over and scolded her, "Rachel, what are you doing? Didn't you read the script carefully?! What a good show! What the hell did you do! "

With her head down for training, Rachel stood there dejectedly, gritting her teeth.

"You should learn more from Amy. She has never been as lively as you when she is filming. Sometimes you are upset, sometimes you are happy, like a lunatic!" The director scolded impatiently.

"This role has a slight depression. Isn't she insane later? It was normal at first... "

"How can you defend yourself? You should reflect on yourself, not argue with me! Repeat it! " Director Howard waved his hand and ordered again.

Rachel knew that he just wanted to embarrass her, not because of the performance, but because director Howard disliked her anyway.

"Yes, thank you, director Howard." Rachel took a deep breath and answered obediently.

Then, there were constant roars and repeated orders on the film set.

Director Howard had requested NG so many times, Rachel had to do it again and again.

As a result, Aron was exhausted after being shot for more than ten times.

Without any displeasure, Rachel adjusted herself again and again according to director Howard's requirements.

However, in the end, director Howard couldn't stand it anymore, so he let go of Rachel and let go of Aron.

After the play, Aron didn't say anything but comforted her, "don't think too much. It's not your fault."

Seeing the interaction between the two, Amy was a little unhappy.

When Rachel was about to go back to rest, she shouted angrily, "stop! Rachel."

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