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   Chapter 183 The first difficulty

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The director first scolded Rachel when he saw her, "what are you doing? Why do you come so late? !"

Being scolded inexplicably, Rachel asked weakly, "director, didn't you ask me not to come so early? You didn't tell me to come until I got my part... "

"Then you should learn from others as soon as possible. Don't think you can play a big role just because you have acted a few big movies! Let me tell you, no one can be overbearing in front of me! "

After listening to director Howard's reprimand, Rachel knew that he was deliberately threatening her!

What a beating for a drowning dog.

Seeing that she was scribbling, everyone came up to take a bite.

Standing aside, Michelle was furious for this. How she wished she could rush up and stand up for Rachel.

Since Michelle had been working for Rachel for a long time, she had never seen that Rachel was treated like this? She didn't expect that she would be bitten by a group of mad dogs this time!

But at the thought of the future of Rachel, Michelle had to bear the humiliation.

"You are right, director Howard. We will pay attention to it next time. Please forgive us." Michelle said with a smile.

Clenching her fists, Rachel said with a smile, "director Howard, it's my fault this time. I won't do it again! I hope you won't be so angry. It doesn't matter if you scold me. You are the most important part of this play. You should take care of yourself! "

Director Howard had been angry at the sight of her, but instead of getting angry, Rachel cared about his health. She was so obedient and sensible.

Now, even if director Howard was angry, he was too embarrassed to be angry with a weak woman like her.

"Go and prepare yourself!" Director Howard's words drove Rachel and Michelle away.

Rachel moved her luggage into the hotel room rented by the crew. Sure enough, with a different identity, there was a huge gap in the treatment.

The room arranged for her by the crew was in a remote corner on the second floor, wet, dark and noisy.

Michelle said "What a group of snobbish snobs! They are just happy to see you in trouble, aren't they? Humph, if one day you get famous again, we will slap them hard in the face! "

It was rare for Rachel to see Michelle so indignant. She couldn't help laughing, "I didn't expect you to be so indignant. For your words, I have to work hard."

"You have to," Michelle nodded. "We all have gr

be nervous. Just perform well."

Rachel nodded at him with a smile, "thank you."

Aron sat down next to her and said indifferently, "although you had a lot of scandals before, I don't believe it. After all, we know what kind of place the entertainment circle more clearly than those netizens."

"You are not the only one who has encountered something like this. From ancient times till now, there have been too many false accusations and mistakes in the entertainment circle. So you just need to face all the difficulties in the future calmly and wait for the time to run. "

Hearing what Aron said, Rachel was very grateful that Aron was willing to tell her the truth at this time.

After all, she was so abject now that those people wanted to pounce on her and step on her.

"Thank you, Mr. Aron. I'll keep your words in mind." Rachel said modestly.

Aron stood up and smiled, "you're welcome. I'm Bill's good friend. He asked me to take care of you."

"Bill?" Rachel hadn't seen him for a long time.

Aron nodded and said, "because of your previous relationship, he is now under the close watch of the company. He can't go anywhere or do anything. He asked me to make it clear to you for him. It's not that he doesn't support you, but that his all online accounts are held by the company. He has no choice. "

Rachel nodded, "I understand him very much and respect his behavior. In my current situation, it's better for everyone to stay away from me. "

At this time, director Howard suddenly came over and called Rachel in person, "hurry up. Someone is looking for you in the meeting room!"

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