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   Chapter 182 The truth came to light

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After a long while, Mr. Peter's old voice came through the phone, "Rachel, what's your relationship with Chester? Why do the media all spread you like that on the Internet? "

Rachel explained in a hurry.

Hearing this, Mr. Peter asked, "how is it going on in the court? Is everything going well? "

"Not so bad at present. Mr. Kim seems to be very powerful." Rachel told the truth.

After a pause, Mr. Peter asked, "what about the other ?"

"Anna Bai?" Noticing that it was Rachel whom he was asking, Rachel quickly answered, "she just insisted that I had an affair with Clark. In order to prove my innocence, I had no choice but to mention Chester."

"Got it." Mr. Peter hung up the phone soon.

Rachel didn't understand why Mr. Peter was so nervous? Why didn't he tell her clearly?

After thinking for a while, Rachel sent this question to Amanda on WeChat.

Amanda replied soon, "my grandfather is afraid that you will marry someone else."

Rachel didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. She had already gone to the court with Clark's fiancee, but Mr. Peter still wanted her to be the daughter-in-law of the Ji family?

Rachel replied to Amanda, " please don't make grandfather think too much. Your brother and I will never be together."

Amanda replied quickly, "there is no absolute certainty. Don't talk too much. Anyway, you two are unmarried now. Everything is possible."

Rachel put away her phone and stopped arguing with her.

After resting for two hours at noon, the court session continued in the afternoon.

The argument between the two sides was still very fierce, and no one was willing to give in.

Until later, Mr. Kim suddenly said, "we have found the murderer of the poison, and the evidence is complete."

"You are lying! The murderer is at the scene, and I have the evidence. Can you frame others? " The lawyer of Anna said angrily.

Mr. Kim said calmly, "then please bring the murderer here."

Soon, a maid who had served at the banquet was brought up.

This woman was the one who led the way for Rachel.

The woman's eyes twinkled and she didn't dare to look straight at Rachel.

Rachel had thought it would be her, but she was not sure. This time, she was sure. She didn't expect it to be her!

Mr. Kim asked, "tell me, why did you frame Rachel?"

The maid lowered her head and said nervously, "it's It's because someone

s time to turn on the phone. Since Rachel was a supporting role in the new play and didn't have many scenes, she didn't have to go there so early.

When she got there, the play had been started for several days.

Of course, Rachel wouldn't attend the banquet before the filming, so she didn't know the actors who would act in this play.

Randall was worried that if Rachel couldn't play the role perfectly, it would be more difficult for her to become more famous in the future.

After all, it was not a big production, but a very ordinary TV series, which was about the love and hatred story between men and women in the city.

The role played by Rachel was just the sister of the hero. She was in a hostile relationship with the heroine and had an inexplicable ambiguous relationship with the hero.

In fact, she was a villain. If Rachel couldn't control it well, she would be easily hated.

Especially after the last incident, many people were still biased against Rachel, and the role she played was very unpleasant.

Therefore, in the face of such a trap, Rachel had tried her best to think about it for many days. Finally, she decided to try her best to explain the reason why this role had to make these choices through the play.

Only by understanding the cause and effect would the audience understand the unspeakable difficulties behind the character's words and deeds.

Rachel had made up her mind to make up for this defect in her acting.

The ideal was beautiful, but the reality was bony.

As soon as Rachel arrived at the set, she met a first difficulty.

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