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   Chapter 145 Threatening Message

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At this time, Anna was busy giving birth to her baby. How could she think of that Clark, far away in the United States, had sent someone to spy on all this? She thought everything she did was perfect, but she didn't expect that she had already been on someone else's plan.

On this side, Anna successfully gave birth to a baby. While in the United States, the stock of the Bai Group was plummeting to a limit that they would claim bankruptcy.

Sitting in the empty meeting room, Gary had just finished a meeting of shareholders. There was no doubt that these shareholders had insisted on withdrawing their capital and selling their shares.

He felt that the end of the world was approaching.

Now his only hope was to count on Clark. If Clark was willing to help him, the Bai Group might still have a chance of survival.

Therefore, he tried to call Clark.

"Hi, Clark. I heard from Anna that you went on a business trip?" Gary tried his best to please Clark.

"Yes," the man at the other end of the line answered indifferently.

"I heard that Anna gave birth to a boy. Congratulations! You will be a father and I will be a grandfather," Gary said smilingly.

But Clark didn't respond.

Clark's response made Gary nervous. He asked at once, "What's wrong? Shouldn't you be happy that you have a son?"

"I've seen some pictures. He has brown hair," Clark said in a cold voice.

Gary was stunned hearing this. He only heard from Fiona that Anna gave birth to a boy. But he almost forgot that the boy was not Clark's son. It was Anna's and Smith's son.

He could not help but sweat heavily and said, "The baby is still young and lacks nutrition. Anna's hair was brown and spared when she was just born. When she grew up, her hair became more and more black."

Gary made up a story, intending to cover it for the time being.

"What's up?" It was then that Clark came to the point.

Gary heaved a sigh of relief and said in a serious tone, "Clark, Anna has given birth to a son for the Ji Family. Isn't it time to have a result of your engagement?"

Clark kept silent.

Aware that the Ji Family did not allow their engagement, Gary changed the subject, "If it's really difficult for you to get engaged with Anna, then I won't insist. But I have one request. Please help the Bai Group!"

Still, Clark didn't say a word. No one knew what he was

chel so happy, but at this moment, the news that Randall was willing to cooperate with her made her excited.

"Yes," said Randall with a smile on the other side of the phone. "You promised me that the salary can only be higher than that of Logan entertainment. In order to cooperate with you, I have completely offended Logan entertainment."

"No problem," said Rachel, patting her chest, "We can discuss about the salary issue when I am back in China, and I have also been well prepared to cope with all kinds of tricks from Logan entertainment with you!"

Randall coopering with her would definitely have a certain impact on Logan entertainment, and it was estimated that Logan entertainment would also suppress Rachel.

Therefore, it was obvious that they would have a tough time in the future even if they set up a studio.

Rachel was so excited that she forgot about the gift given by Clark and requested Michelle to order the air ticket.

By this time, the news that Rachel won the foreign award had already been spread online. Many stars who had cooperated with her sent their blessings.

Rachel only replied Arthur, Boris, Liam and Michelle.

All of a sudden, she saw a horrible text, "I'm back for revenge. Where are you now?"

Somehow, this message sent a chill down her spine.

It seemed that she had never offended anyone? Why did someone threaten her?

She was sure that it was a text message to threaten her.

If it was not Nancy, it should be Anna.

Rachel deleted it as if she never saw it.

The next day, similar things happened again.

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