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   Chapter 88 A Filthy Mouth

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Clark raised his head and took a look at Amanda. Frowning, he asked, "Are you drunk?"

"I'm not drunk," said Amanda. She knew his brother wanted to change the topic, so she added quickly, "According to the information I have found, there are two men pursuing Rachel. One is the popular star, Bill Song, while the other is the son of the Jiang Family, Chester.

Ah, my idol is so beautiful, whom should she marry to?" Amanda began to think seriously, propping her chin with her hands.

Frowning harder, Clark didn't answer her question.

After thinking about it for a long time, Amanda still found it difficult to make a decision. "They are both very excellent men. If I were her, I would not be able to make a choice. It would be great if I were a man. I will be brave enough to pursue my goddess!"

"You are drunk. Let me send you home!" Clark stood up with a grim face and took her out of the room.

"Well," Amanda struggled and said, "Brother, I haven't drunk enough. You are drunk. I'm not!"

Regardless of whether she was drunk or not, Clark pushed her into the car and sent her home.

Standing at the gate, Amanda asked in confusion, "Brother, where are you going?"

But what answered her was only a roar of Clark's car, and the car had already gone.

Clark parked his car outside the building of Rachel's apartment and took out his phone to call Eva.

When Eva received his call, she was so frightened that her face was pale. She really wanted to throw her phone out.

"Hello, Mr. Clark?" Eva asked cautiously.

"Is she at home?" Clark asked, looking at the window of Rachel's dark room.

Eva took a look at Rachel, who was studying movies in the living room, and nodded. "Yes."

Clark hung up the phone before Eva finished her words.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door.

Eva opened the door, neatly dressed. After finding out who was outside, she blurted out, "Ah! Mr. Clark! Come on in!"

After inviting him in, Eva said to Rachel, "Miss Rachel, I have to go out now."

After saying that, she ran out and closed the door

she rested in the lounge, she felt that it was very likely for her to see him pushed the door open next second.

However, these ideas had never been realized.

After a long time, Rachel stopped her imagination and started to focus on the shooting.

One day, the door of the lounge was suddenly pushed open, and Rachel thought it was Clark who suddenly came. Surprised, she looked up, only to see a face full of sarcasm. It was Nancy.

"What? Are you disappointed to see me?" Nancy asked as she walked in with a smug face.

With her eyebrows knitted, Rachel said displeasedly, "why can I see you everywhere, Nancy? Are you so free every day?"

"You know, this is a small world!" Ignoring her cold attitude, Nancy said sarcastically, "I've heard that Clark hasn't been to the filming site for a long time. I just want to see how lonely you are."

Rachel knew Nancy had always had a filthy mouth. So she stood up, pointed at the door and said rudely, "That's the door. Bye!"

"What? Want me to leave? Are you ashamed into anger?" Nancy looked at her with an evil smile and said, "Well, it seems that what I said was true. You don't care about Clark at all. You don't love him at all. He acquiesced in what I said. It seems that he was completely disappointed in you this time."

"What do you mean?" Rachel frowned and felt that there was something hidden in Nancy's words?

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