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   Chapter 87 Did You Like Her

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Quickly after, the door was pushed open, and the person came in was the restaurant manager. People in the Bai Family were immediately disappointed.

"Miss Gary," the manager said to him with a smile, "Mr. Clark asked me to tell you that there was a traffic jam on the way and they will be here soon. If you need anything to drink, just tell me first."

Gary's face immediately darkened. It seemed that the Ji Family did it on purpose?

Seeing this, Anna hurriedly broke the gloom and waved at the manager, saying, "Give me a cup of water."

"Okay." The manager left in a hurry.

Fiona started to complain, "The Ji Family is absolutely late on purpose. Late for the traffic jam? That's their excuse! Why didn't they set off earlier since it's an important meeting tonight?"

"Even if they did it on purpose, we still have to bear it! Calm down. Don't say that in front of them later," Gary warned Fiona.

Anna comforted them at once, "I'm pregnant now. They must not look down upon us. Don't worry!"

The three of them had waited for half an hour before the Ji Family arrived.

Compared with the Bai Family, the Ji Family was seemingly much more powerful.

At the sight of Lucas, Gary stood up immediately and greeted him warmly. "Mr. Lucas, long time no see!"

Lucas replied in an indifferent voice, "Indeed, it's been a long time."

But he didn't hold Gary's hand. Instead, he took the seat of honor.

Gary's hand hung in the air. Embarrassed, he took it back.

As if not noticing this scene, Clark walked straight to their seats and pulled them for Penny and Amanda to sit on.

Then he sat down beside Amanda. Anna was embarrassed. She had been waiting for him to pull the seat for her. But now she could only sit down on her own.

When she saw how arrogant the Ji Family was, Fiona trembled with anger. She tried to say something, but was stopped by Gary.

As if nothing had happened, Gary took Fiona by the hand and sat down. "We are so happy to see you today! What's Mr. Lucas' arrangement on their marriage?"

Lucas glanced at him and sneered, "I don't dare to arrange for their wedding this time easily. Who knows if the Bai Family will break off the engagement again or not? Only fools would fall into the same river twice!"

With an embarrassed look, Gary waved his hand and explained, "Mr. Lucas, please don't be angry. I know it was our fault

pany has some cash flow problems recently, so I want to ask the Ji Group to invest in us. Do me a favor, please. Of course, you'll benefit a lot in the future..."

But before he could finish his words, Clark cut in, "It's a significant matter. We must ask for the opinions of other shareholders before making a decision."

Then, Clark also stood up and left.

Gary stood up, followed Clark and said, "Clark, I will wait for your good news then."

When Anna found out that Clark didn't even look at her today, she didn't know what she had done wrong. Tears kept falling from her eyes.

As soon as he walked out of the gate, a figure rushed to Clark and shouted, "Brother!"

Clark frowned.

"Let's go for a drink! We haven't had fun together for a long time," Amanda said with a pout.

Clark had no choice but to nod in agreement.

Amanda knew Clark must be really upset after what had happened today. So she took him to a wine house owned by the Ji Group and drank quietly with him.

At the beginning, they could talk normally and share interesting things of their childhood. Later, when she was drunk, she started to talk more.

"Brother, where is the girl who saved you when you were a child?" Amanda said tentatively.

"You met her before." Clark face was slightly red, but his mind was still clear.

Amanda asked intentionally, "Did I meet her before? Ah, do you mean Rachel? After I came back, I only met her once except you and our family members!"

Clark didn't say a word as an agreement.

"Then...... Do you like her?" Amanda continued to sound him out.

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