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   Chapter 86 They Were Not Sincere

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With tears streaming down his face, George said, "I owe you too much in my life. I missed you because I didn't cherish you. If there was afterlife, I would not have done that, but would you still give me a chance?"

A sad smile suddenly appeared on Joyce's face. She replied, "Yes, I would..."

George closed his eyes satisfactorily. "It's enough. I'll wait for you..."

Joyce couldn't bear the misery anymore. She ran out of her room and cried in the yard.

Inside the room, with a satisfied smile on his face, George took a deep breath and passed away.

Joyce's shaking shoulder, her sobs of restraint, and her sorrow which was about to burst out at any time, directly pushed the scene to the climax, and stirred everyone in the room!

"Bravo! Pass!" Director Zack was so excited that he almost jumped up.

The staff around them came back to their senses and couldn't help but cheer up.

The beauty in the video was so full of emotion that she couldn't take it back for a while. Until she left the studio, her heart was still a little ripple.

Standing next to Clark, Amanda watched lyndsy's receding figure and couldn't help but exclaim, "oh my God, her performance is really amazing! I thought she was good enough when I watched her movie from the TV, but I didn't expect her acting to be so shocking when I watch her acting on site!"

Frowning, Clark asked, "Do you know her?"

"Ha-ha," said Amanda, making a face to him before she said, "I am her fan. I was attracted by her superb acting skill when I watched her TV series before. Now I finally see her in person. My dream comes true!"

Clark turned his head to watch others acting, ignoring the excited Amanda.

Amanda stared at the scene too. But she found it boring after a short time.

"Clark, I went to my idol for signature. Take your time!" After telling Clark, Amanda turned around and ran to look for Rachel.

While Rachel was reading the script in the lounge, a young woman popped her head out from the door.

"Hi!" Amanda greeted. She smiled softly and looked pretty.

Rachel did not know why she came here. Puzzled, she frowned and asked, "Excuse me, who are you?"

"Nice to meet you, Miss Rachel. I'm your fan, Amanda Ji!" Before she could finish her words, Amanda started to

ther's life!

Then Amanda began to watch Rachel's movies. It had to be said that her acting skills were really excellent as if each role was tailored for her.

The most important thing was that now, Clark was about to marry Anna. Amanda knew Anna as well and knew what kind of person she was. Of course, as a member of the Ji Family, how could she allow such a woman like Anna to marry her brother?

Looking at Rachel's photo, a glimmer of hope flashed through Amanda's eyes.

In a blink of an eye, it was time for the elders of the Bai Family and the Ji Family to meet.

That night, Lucas, Penny, Clark and Amanda were all dressed up well and went to meet the Bai Family.

Anna, Gary and Fiona were also well dressed.

The two families met with each other solemnly, as if they were meeting their customers.

The restaurant had already been booked. When Anna arrived with Gary and Fiona, the Ji Family had not arrived yet. They could only wait for them.

Fiona muttered with dissatisfaction, "Shouldn't the male's family show up first in such an important occasion? Why are we still waiting for them after we arrive?"

Gary, however, was patient. "It's not a big deal. After all, we took the initiative to break off their engagement before, so it's normal for the Ji Family to be angry. What's more, we need their help now. If we arrive earlier, we can show our sincerity this time."

At this time, footsteps were approaching from afar. They looked at each other. It was the Ji Family, wasn't it?

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