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   Chapter 85 The Yan Family Was Nothing Compared to the Bai Family

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It was also late at night, but Clark didn't sleep either. He stood alone in the balcony of the room to feel the wind.

Just now, he had received investigation results from his men. According to the information, Anna had married a foreigner after she had broken off the engagement with him and had not divorced yet.

She had been pregnant for four months, but she had been back for less than three months.

Needless to say, the result was obvious, that Anna was sent by the Bai Family for some reason.

At the moment, the Bai Group was in big trouble. It was in need of a large amount of money. The Bai Group had owed the bank a lot of loan, so it was impossible for them to lend even a cent from the bank now.

There was a glimmer of coldness in Clark's eyes. Against the dark night, his face was gloomy.

At this time, someone knocked on the door. It was Amanda. She walked in with two goblets and a bottle of wine in her hands.

"Brother, it's so late and you are still awake. Why don't we have a drink?" Amanda smiled at him.

Hearing her words, Clark walked towards her.

Amanda was more beautiful and elegant now. She was totally different from the shy and inexperienced girl.

Amanda poured the wine into the goblets and handed one of them to Clark. When she saw that he didn't take the glass, she couldn't help but frown. "Is there something on your mind, brother?"

After a moment's hesitation, Clark took the goblet from her hand, clinked it with hers, raised his neck and drank it up.

Amanda smiled at him and said, "Brother, that's such a waste that you drink it up."

"Come to the point!" Clark replied flatly.

Suddenly, an idea occurred to Amanda. She asked, "I heard that you've invested a lot of movies and TV plays recently. You go to the filming site every day and get close to a female star whose family name is Yan..."

Clark frowned after hearing what Amanda said.

"Oh, come on," Amanda cleared her throat and realized that Clark was upset with her. So she explained, "I used to be curious about how people shoot a film. Can you take me with you to the filming site next time?"

Clark looked her up and down, trying to find out what she really meant.

Amanda smiled awkwardly and said, "Brother, I did have a dream of being a superstar before. But now I've grown up. I know our parents wouldn't allow me to do that, so I just want to go to the site to have a look. I don't have any other ideas."

Clark nodde


"It's you...... Joyce?" George murmured in disbelief.

Joyce looked around the shabby house and couldn't believe it was his home.

In her memory, George's family was not rich, but it was middle class. So in her memory, he was not so sloppy.

George noticed the surprise in Joyce's eyes. He lowered his head and asked, "Why are you here?"

Joyce sat down in a chair beside the bed and said calmly, "Lucia asked me to take care of you before she left."

"She...... How could she say that to you?" All of a sudden, George felt so ashamed of himself. As a man, did he have to rely on a woman to live on?

Joyce swallowed back the words on the tip of her tongue and changed the subject. "You haven't eaten yet, have you? I have asked the cook to make some food and I have brought it here for you."

As soon as she finished her words, the old woman put the basket in her hand down and took the dishes out.

George's heart ached when he saw so many delicious dishes on the table. He used to be a man without worrying about food or clothing.

But ever since he married Lucia, his life was getting worse day by day.

He raised his hand but found that his hand was so weak.

"Let me feed you!" Joyce picked up a plate, put it on the table and began to feed George carefully.

Jared tried to eat all the food fed to him by Joyce. Although he did not feel like eating, he wanted to cherish this opportunity.

"Joyce, I don't have much time left." George choked with sobs, tears streaming down his face.

The chopsticks in Joyce's hand shook and her eyes were full of tears. She replied in the same choked voice, "I know."

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