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   Chapter 78 A Big Secret

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Clark sneered, "Mr. Chester, it seems that you are not going to think about the interests of the Jiang Group."

"Are you threatening me?" Chester frowned unpleasantly.

Clark looked at him thoughtfully, stating, "The Jiang Group is no match for the Ji Group!"

"How dare you? How dare you threaten me! Don't think I'm afraid of you, Clark!" Chester flew into a rage.

However, Clark got into the car directly and headed for Rachel's place.

The car stopped at the gate of Rachel's apartment. Looking out of the window, he found light was on in her apartment.

He sat in the car and took out his cell phone. He stared at the phone number of Rachel and kept silent for a long time until the light of her window was turned off.

He then turned off the phone, slowly started the car, turned around and left.

It was late at night and even he himself felt very ironic!

Soon after, Rachel received an invitation of a party, which was held by a powerful boss of the entertainment circle. Almost all famous bosses, directors and popular stars in the entertainment circle were invited.

The power of this party was self-evident.

When seeing this invitation, Rachel was a little surprised.

Michelle beside her said gently, "Rachel, this is a good chance for you. You should go. In such an occasion, you should know more directors and investors, then you will have more resources to cooperate with them, which will be helpful to your future."

Rachel was a little hesitant. She had never been interested in this kind of occasion.

But what Michelle said was right. If she got rid of the protection of Clark one day, she would need more resources and connections to continue her career.

Although she didn't like to go to such a party, she should show up anyway.

"Okay, you go with me!" Rachel nodded and gave the invitation directly to Michelle.

Michelle was very happy to see that she was willing to do that. "Okay, as for your evening dress and other things, I'll prepare for you. Don't worry, just focus on the filming!"

As she played the supporting role in this movie and now the role went abroad for further study, she couldn't play a part in the movie at present, so she continued to study the remaining parts in this movie.

Soon, her part in the mov

yone else.

Rachel put her hand on Chester's arm. Michelle followed them into the party.

As soon as she entered the party, Rachel attracted a lot of men's attention. She was so extraordinary and unforgettable.

Holding her by the arm, Chester greeted directors and bosses along the way and chatted briefly.

He seemed to get used to such an occasion. He smiled warmly to everyone and talked a few words as long as he opened his mouth, which made Rachel envious.

She was by his side, smiling all the way.

Most importantly, Chester seemed to be purposely introducing resources to her. While taking to the big shots, he never forgot to introduce Rachel to them.

Deeply touched, she was willing to cooperate with him.

Finally, they stopped chatting. Chester left to answer the phone. Rachel sat in a corner with a glass of champagne in her hand.

A familiar figure came into her sight.

As soon as he appeared, many women's eyes were attracted by him. At the same time, many directors and bosses rushed up to find an opportunity to strike up a conversation with him.


Standing in the crowd, he was very attractive. Rachel could not ignore him.

At this time, an annoying voice came to her ears, "Hey, isn't this a popular actress, Rachel?"

Turning around, Rachel saw Nancy's ugly face.

"Why is it you again?" Rachel frowned and felt unhappy.

Ignoring her disgusted expression, Nancy asked with a smile, "Why don't you like to see me? Are you afraid of me doing something to you?"

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