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   Chapter 76 Meeting His Parents

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Joyce looked down at George, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"I have made up my mind. You don't have to keep me," Joyce said flatly.

"No!" All of a sudden, George walked to her and grabbed her leg. He wouldn't let her go.

"Joyce, don't do this to me! It's too cruel!" George begged her.

Joyce, however, suddenly gave him a brittle laugh and said, "George, I used to have a crush on you. That's right. But you have killed my love for you. Since you have made a mistake, you deserve it!"

Joyce pulled her pants back and got on the ship while dragging her luggage.

George wanted to catch up with Joyce. But Joyce's father signaled at his bodyguards and two bodyguards immediately caught him. No matter how hard George struggled, he could do nothing but watch the ship leaving.

"Joyce! Joyce!" George kept crying out.

Joyce turned her head away resolutely. Her back looked heartless and lonely, and her trembling shoulders betrayed her current mood.

"Great! Pass!" director Zack shouted, and the people present came to their senses.

The scene just now was too shocking!

Although Rushton's last performance shocked everyone, what was most touching was Rachel's superb performance. Her complicated facial expression, and her impeccable back had really affected everyone.

Her emotion could be conveyed intangibly.

Clark took the initiative to clap. Then, the rest clapped as well.

Rachel got off the ship with tears on her face.

She was immersed in the scene just now and didn't come back to her senses yet.

Michelle quickly went up to her and helped her up. "Thank you so much for your good acting just now! You make us immerse into the scene!"

Even the actor who acted as Joyce's father praised, "Miss Rachel's acting skills are becoming more and more superb. You really have a talent for acting! After practicing for a few more years, I guess you would be able to catch up with us!"

Rachel bowed her head with some embarrassment, and quickly said modestly, "Thank you for your encouragement!"

The truth about the abortive medicine was clear now. No one present dared to say anything about her anymore.

Besides, Clark came here frequently and director Zack warned

believe her.

She decided not to make any explanation.

"She doesn't know where I am," Clark pulled her out of his arms and said expressionlessly, "It's time to go."

Anna couldn't believe her ears and took a look at Rachel. She knew that Clark was helping her, but she couldn't do anything to destroy her image. She felt so aggrieved!

Clark held Anna's arm and left the filming site with her. Then they got on the car and drove away.

When she looked at the phone on the seat, she found that it was indeed left there. Clark did not lie to her.

Anna explained in a hurry, "I don't blame you, Clark, but..."

"But what?" Clark raised his head and took a glance at her.

Finally, Anna plucked up her courage and said to Clark, "I don't want you to be too close to Rachel. As a woman, I will be jealous too, not to mention that I am pregnant with your child now."

With a dark face, Clark said in a low voice, "I'm going to the filming site because I am the investor. You're overthinking things!"

Anna looked at him and pretended to be weak, saying, "Oh, I see. I'm sorry. But I, after all, am pregnant. Pregnant women's mood is not stable. I hope you take more care of me and the baby... "

Without answering her question, Clark started the engine and intended to drive her home.

"By the way, my parents have known that I am pregnant. They want to meet the elders of the Ji Family," Anna continued.

"So soon?" he asked as he furrowed his brows.

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