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   Chapter 73 Deeply Involved in the Play

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Updated: 2020-03-25 00:02

In the ward, Anna threw her cell phone aside angrily. Her eyes were full of hatred. "Rachel, you tried to steal my man and hurt my baby. How dare you still refuse to answer my phone? You are such a bitch! I will make you pay!"

At this time, Clark appeared in the ward.

Anna was stunned by his sudden appearance. She forced a smile and asked, "Why are you here all of a sudden, Clark?"

"What's wrong?" Clark asked with a frown.

Anna shook her head and explained, "No, I'm just watching TV. The TV is so touching that I'm deeply involved in the play..."

Clark turned his head and looked at the TV on the wall. An trendy drama was on.

He walked in and sat down in front of her. "We have found out the person who hurt you."

"Who?" asked Anna in surprise? Was it Rachel?"

With his brows knitted more tightly, Clark asked coldly, "Why did you say it was her? Why are you so sure?"

"Then who else could it be?" Perplexed, Anna looked at him.

Clark looked at her from head to toe silently.

Looking into his eyes, Anna suddenly understood that he was protecting Rachel!

"On the filming site, I only dealt with her and quarreled with her. If you insist that it was not her, then I really can't figure out who else would do this to me except her?" Anna looked at him doubtfully, hoping Clark could give her a satisfactory answer.

Clark turned on a video from his phone and handed it to her.

"This is the truth." The expression on his face was cold. He did not want to talk to Anna.

Anna took it and saw the video. Then her face changed dramatically.

"Nancy Yan? How could it be her?" Anna blurted out. She was very surprised.

However, Clark didn't explain.

Anna asked, "What if it was Rachel who asked her to do this?"

Expressionless, Clark asked, "Do you think it's possible?"

Anna went silent.

She knew it was meaningless to argue with him at this moment. On the contrary, it would make their relationship worse.

Even if Rachel was not the one who tried to hurt her and her baby, she was still the one to blame for seducing her fiance!

"Don't worry. The evidence has been presented to the police." He stood up, tur

say now."

"What do you mean?" Teresa asked as her face changed slightly.

Rachel shrugged and said, "She has a pair of parents who frame others. How can she be honest?"

"Rachel, you'd better make it clear to me! Otherwise, I won't let you go!" Teresa was so irritated by Rachel that her hands were trembling.

Rachel shook her head. Then she took her bag from Michelle and took out the voice recorder. A conversation started in the air.

"What if it had something to do with the Yan Family? Rachel, you can't defeat our family, my parents won't let you find out the truth easily!"

"So, your parents were indeed also involved in this matter?"

"If they did, so what? What can you do? You are not able to reverse the verdict for your parents!"

The voice suddenly stopped there.

Teresa's face darkened.

Rachel said calmly, "How did my parents be involved in smuggling? I think no one knows better than you."

With a cold snort, Teresa said, "Well, like father, like son! I know what kinds of people your parents are. They were despicable. You are no better than them!"

"Mrs. Teresa, are we talking about you and Nancy?" Rachel gave a sneer, continued, "What's more, I didn't submit any evidence to the police. I didn't do it."

"If it's not you, then who else can it be?" Of course, Teresa didn't believe her.

"It was Clark's fiancee who also lost their baby. Do you think he will stand by?" asked Rachel coldly.

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