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   Chapter 72 Compensation

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Biting her lips awkwardly, Nancy looked up at her and said, "If I tell you the truth, can you delete the video?"

"No problem. I just want to know the truth. I don't want to make things difficult for you," Rachel said casually.

Nancy racked her brains to think about it. After a while, she said, "In fact, this really has something to do with the Yan Family. But I am sure my parent were not the most important cause. On that day, at the door of my parents' room, I heard that they wanted to lend a car to your parents, but the car was driven away by our driver.

My father called the driver to come back and lend the car to your parents. As for why they were intercepted on the way by the police, I have no idea. What I know is that the driver disappeared on the same day, and never returned.

My father called the driver's home and his parents' home and asked for his information, but he didn't get any clue. I think it must be him. I used to hear him quarrel with your father and they seemed to have some conflict..." Nancy stated with great speculation.

Stunned by her words, Rachel thought, 'What? Driver? It seems that I have to find the missing driver first.'

Seeing that Rachel seemed to believe what he said, there was a flash of smile on Nancy's face, but she quickly restrained it.

"How about now? Are you satisfied?" Nancy reminded her, "Sister, I've already told you the truth. Should you delete the video?"

When she came to her senses, Rachel reached out and deleted the video. "Since I said that, I will do it."

Later, she handed the phone to Nancy and said, "Don't worry. It has been deleted."

But Nancy gave her a sly smile and said, "Sister, what I said is half true and half false. You'd better understand it yourself!"

"Nancy, you lied to me?" Rachel exclaimed. She was so angry that her face turned pale.

But Nancy smiled and said, "What if it had something to do with the Yan Family? Rachel, you can't defeat our family, my parents won't let you find out the truth easily!"

"So, your parents were


Her mind was in a mess and she couldn't think at all.

Why did he do that? Didn't he promise to get engaged to her?

It seemed that her intuition was right. There was indeed a special relationship between the two!

Just when she was distracted, Nancy suddenly put away her cell phone and said with a slight irony, "If you don't do anything, you will be in big trouble! I have seen Clark in the filming site to see Rachel lately!"

With a pale face, Anna clenched her hands tightly and gritted her teeth, "I won't let go of this bitch!"

A hint of success flashed through Nancy's eyes, but she quickly restrained it, and warned cautiously, "Rachel is not easy to deal with. I advise you to be careful."

After saying that, Nancy turned around and left.

Looking at her receding figure, Anna thought, 'I know what this woman is trying to do.

I won't let go of both of you!'

At the thought of this, Anna took out her phone and dialed Rachel's number.

Rachel, who was preparing to shoot, took the phone given to her by Michelle and saw it was a call from Anna.

"What does she want from me? Just hang up," Rachel ordered casually.

Michelle hang up the phone quickly.

Not long after, the phone rang again and again. It was still Anna.

Seeing Rachel who was focusing on the shooting, Michelle frowned and turned off her phone.

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