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   Chapter 70 An Important Video

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At this moment, two policemen came in. One of them asked, "Who is Rachel?"

Rachel stunned for a moment, and then came to her senses, replying quickly, "I am."

Startled, Michelle quickly stood in front of her. "Hello, I'm Rachel's agent. If you have any questions, just ask me directly. I'll answer them truthfully!"

The other policeman stepped forward and said, "Sure, we have some questions to ask you now."

Michelle had to go with him.

The other policeman looked at Rachel and said, "Don't be nervous. All you need to do is cooperate with us to investigate the case of poisoning."

Rachel nodded.

The policeman began to ask normal questions. Then he changed the subject, "Where were you when the incident happened?"

"I was on my way to the hospital, and one of my friends told me that her leg was broken," Rachel answered honestly.

"Can anyone prove it?" The policeman asked again.

"Yes, I have," said Rachel with a nod, "You can ask my driver, Alex Wang."

"Okay," the police continued, "Someone said that the relationship between you and Anna was not very good. What exactly is the conflict between you?"

Faced with the police's question, Rachel answered it honestly. With Alex Wang's testimony, she proved she was not on site at the time the incident happened. The police left after this.

When the policemen left, Rachel and Michelle were both scared to death.

With a lingering fear, Rachel asked, "Who called the police?"

Michelle shook her head, replying, "I don't know, Mr. Clark? Or Miss Anna? Or our staff? There are many possibilities."

The light in Rachel's eyes became dimmer. If it was Clark who called the police, probably he would be too serious about this.

The police continued to investigate the staff present, but found no substantial evidence. Then they had to leave.

The shooting was still going on.

Although people seemed to be indifferent to this, they were gossiping in their hearts.

However, Rachel was totally not affected by this incident and she focused on the shooting.

After work, Rushton came over and asked with a smile, "Everyone says that Miss Rachel is Mr. Clark's girlfriend. But from what happened today, it seems that the statement is not accurate. Otherwise, why didn't Mr. Clark protect you at the first place but call the police when something like this happened?"

With eyes wide ope

she sneered and pulled her hand back. "Take your time and check it out. A clean hand wants no washing. I don't care!"

Then she left in haste.

Watching her receding figure, Clark slowly clenched his fists and his face grew even more grim.

No matter who did this, he would not let go of them!

In the evening, when she returned home after work, Rachel was stopped by Chester.

"Chester? Why are you here?" Stunned by the sudden appearance of Chester, Rachel covered his chest and asked.

Chester smiled and teased her, "What? We haven't seen each other for a few days. Do you miss me? Are you surprised to see me?"

"No surprise, I think it is more like a scare!" complained Rachel, rolling her eyes.

"I have a high-powered gift for you? Can you invite me to your house?" said Chester, winking at her.

Puzzled, Rachel looked at him and asked, "Are you sure you're not making fun of me? If you want to come to my house, just say it. Don't lie to me."

Chester waved the phone in his hand. "I have a video in my phone, which must be very important to you. Do you want to see it?" he said with a mysterious look on his face.

With a doubtful look, Rachel nodded and said, "Follow me upstairs."

Arriving at her home, Chester walked around with curiosity and praised while looking at it, "Your home is really elegant and well decorated. It's really a wonderful room for girls! It's exquisite, gentle and stylish!"

After poured him a cup of tea, Rachel sat down on the sofa and glanced at him helplessly. "Mr. Chester, can you show me the video in your phone now?"

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