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   Chapter 69 Did Anna Set This All Up

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Updated: 2020-03-23 00:22

Rachel hurriedly dialed Clark's number, but it was unanswered.

Rachel thought to herself, 'At this time, Clark should be busy dealing with the matters of Anna.'

She put down her phone and sighed. Then she walked towards the ward of Eva.

Eva's left foot was in plaster, but she was lying on the bed fiddling with her phone.

Seeing Rachel, Eva put down her phone and greeted her warmly, "Miss Rachel, come here!"

"What happened? Why are you so excited?" asked Rachel, walking over.

"Well, I have just asked for a leave from the manager, and he actually agreed! I was shocked. He asked me to have a good rest. If Mr. Clark asks me about him later on, I will put in a good word for him," Eva said cheerfully.

Speaking of him, Rachel was a little surprised, "Everyone in your company knows your relationship with Mr. Clark?"

Eva quickly waved her hand and said, "I didn't tell anyone. I don't know why they know it."

All of a sudden, Eva realized what she just said and hurriedly shook her head. "Oh, no, no, I have nothing to do with Mr. Clark. Miss Rachel, you were wrong. You have something to do with Mr. Clark. I get this job all because of you."

With a wry smile, Rachel said, "Eva, don't talk nonsense. I have nothing to do with Mr. Clark either."

Eva looked at her in surprise. After a while of hesitation, she asked, "Miss Rachel, did you have a fight with Mr. Clark again?"

Rachel shook her head and explained helplessly, "Anna had an abortion and everyone suspect that I did this. I don't know what Mr. Clark thinks. I tried to call him, but he didn't answer the phone."

"Really? Why does Anna's miscarriage have anything to do with you? Why do they suspect you?" Eva immediately defended her.

With a sigh, Rachel said, "I don't know what exactly happened. Let's talk about it later."

"No way. You must make this clear to Mr. Clark," Eva urged her.

With a helpless smile, Rachel said, "How can I explain to him since I don't even know where he is?"

"Anyway, you should go and find him right now and explain to him! Don't delay it, or the misunderstanding will be more and more severe!" Eva st

n No. do you believe that? If she doesn't like you, how could she hurt my baby?"

Thinking of the tears of Rachel, Clark's face darkened.

When she heard no response from him, Anna wiped the tears off her face and said with a bitter smile, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have guessed that. I promise I won't go to the filming site again."

"I'll figure it out. I'll give you an explanation. It's useless to think too much," Clark comforted her.

But his voice was still as cold as before.

Anna nodded, lay down obediently, closed her eyes and prepared to sleep.

He stood up and turned to look out of the window, upset.

After going back to the filming site, she finally returned to the lounge, ignoring other people's discussions all the way.

Michelle had already been waiting for her. With an anxious look on her face, she came up to her and asked, "Rachel, what should we do now?"

Of course, Rachel knew her question was about the incident that she was involved in.

"A clean hand wants no washing. I will never admit that the thing that I haven't done," Rachel said firmly.

Michelle looked worried. "I'm sure you didn't do it. But if people don't know you well, they will definitely suspect you. What's more, Anna insists that it was you who did it!"

Rachel was shocked, but she tried to calm down. Why did Anna frame her for this?

Did she set all this up? Was she so cruel as to hurt her own child?

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