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   Chapter 67 The Tense Atmosphere

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Glancing at her with a smile, Rachel joked, "Pregnant women are prone to be emotional sensitive. Miss Anna, do you think I was referring to you? Do you really have a guilty conscience?"

Anna stepped back. A hint of panic flashed through her eyes, but soon it was covered under her eyes. She hid it well.

"Who has a guilty conscience?" Anna collected herself, stood up and said pompously, "We were lovers before you appeared. I am his fiancee. I don't have any guilty conscience."

Rachel chuckled. "Oh, Miss Anna, you are too excited. I didn't say anything."

Anna's face turned pale in an instant. She wondered why Rachel become so difficult to deal with all of a sudden.

She remembered that when Clark was in hospital, Rachel would do anything she asked.

Anna calmed down and sneered, "Miss Rachel, no matter how hard you try, you can't stick your hands in the relationship between me and Clark. This baby is the biggest bond between us!"

Michelle heard their conversation. Hearing this, she was worried about Rachel.

However, with a disdainful look, Rachel said, "Miss Anna, I've already said that you just need to take care of your fiance and keep him away from me. I don't want to be the other woman."

After saying that, Rachel turned around and went to rest somewhere else.

At this time, a handsome man in a white suit directed a large group of people to bring many lunch boxes in.

"Quick, share these to everyone!" Chester, who was in a white suit, said.

The men came with him sent each person a lunch box.

Someone opened the box and shouted in surprise, "Wow, what a sweet and crisp spring chicken! And it is the signature dish in Best in South!"

"Usually, if we want to eat in Best in South, we have to wait for a long time to order this dish. I've heard that they cook the dish after they have an order, but the taste is very good. Almost everyone who go there will order this famous dish!"

"It tastes so good. It's time for lunch. We haven't got the lunch yet. Let's have this for fulfill our appetite!"

Someone had already eaten. Director Zack was about to lose his temper. But he stopped after he saw Chester.

Rachel was stunned once she saw Chester.

Why did Chester come here at this time?

Anna was standing not far away and felt strange when she saw that.

When Chester was walking toward her and director Zack, Rach

the woman outside think herself clever. What about you? Are you still pretending to know nothing?"

Biting at spring chicken rudely, Rachel shook her head and said, "It's useless to chase after me. Now I'm just taking you as a friend, and there's nothing else in my mind except for the shooting."

"I said, I can wait for you," Chester said stubbornly, not caring that she refused directly.

Turning around, Rachel decided to ignore him.

Suddenly, she turned around again and asked in curiosity, "What's the relationship between you and director Zack? Why do you call him uncle?"

Chester gave a smile, explaining, "He's a friend of my father. When I was a child, we were neighbors. He watched me grow up."

"So that's how it is." Rachel was suddenly enlightened.

At this time, the door of the lounge was pushed open. Standing in front of the door, Clark stared at them coldly.

The temperature in the room instantly dropped. Chester couldn't help touching his nose, thinking, 'Why does he come here?'

Stunned by Clark's sudden appearance, Rachel was so shocked that she almost dropped the lunch box on the ground.

She tried to calm herself down and said, "I thought you were busy and left. Why do you come back again?"

Clark glanced at Chester, his face darkened. He asked sharply, "Mr. Chester, you seem to know how to win people's support?"

The irony in his words was self-evident.

Rachel suddenly felt that the chicken in her hand had become a hot soup base. She didn't know whether she should throw it or not.

The atmosphere became really tense!

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