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   Chapter 66 Anna Thought Rachel Was Talking About Her

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After looking around and finding that no one was approaching, Rachel said in a low voice, "Can you stop staring at me on the filming site from now on?"

"What do you mean?" he asked, unhappy.

"You're on the site, and I can't focus. I'm so tired of being called to stop all the time. You have a great influence on my mood," Rachel said in a low voice, bowing her head.

"As an actress, you should be attentive to your acting and should not be affected by others," Clark answered expressionlessly, his knitted brows were smoothed.

"As for me, as the investor, I have the right to check on the spot!" Clark continued.

These words actually made Rachel unable to refute.

"Never mind." Rachel walked aside and was about to drink the water when she was stunned by the person she saw.

Following her gaze, Clark turned around and saw Anna.

"Why are you here?" Clark asked in a cold voice.

Anna said, looking at Clark with a smile on her face, "I went to your company, but you were not there. I heard that you came here, so I came here to see you."

Keeping silent, Clark furrowed his brows.

"I did not expect Miss Rachel is filming here too. That's great. I'd like to see how it goes on with the filming on site," Anna stated, pretending to know nothing about it.

Taking a glance at her indifferently, Rachel felt that this woman was better at acting than her.

Knowing exactly that she was on the filming site, Anna had specially warned her not long ago. But now, she was fooling around and pretended that she knew nothing in front of Clark. How ridiculous?

Her acting still was truly far beyond her reach.

"Please help yourself, Miss Rachel." As a result, Rachel went out quickly and left them alone.

Looking at Anna, Clark asked coldly, "You're pregnant. What are you doing here?"

Seeing that he was about to reprimand her, Anna quickly pouted and said sadly, "If I don't come to see you, will you not go to see me?

No matter how busy you are, you should always think about our baby. The doctor said that dad should learn more about fetal education and talk more to the baby. But how can I do fetal e

me?' Anna thought to herself.

Clark's face changed slightly too, but he returned to normal soon.

After leaving the camera, Rachel turned around and saw Clark and Anna.

She turned around and walked to the other side. She didn't want to face them.

In fact, just now, she had already imagined Lucia as Anna. That was why the scene was so realistic.

Michelle kept up with her, offering her water and keeping her warm.

"You acted so well, Rachel. Did you see that everyone was immersing in the play? Even I think the slap you gave her was fantastic!" Michelle said excitedly.

Rachel sat down in a rattan chair, laughing silently.

In a flash, someone appeared in front of her and blocked the light.

The person wore a pair of low-heeled shoes. She had slender legs and she wore a light yellow dress.

She almost forgot that Anna was pregnant now. How could she wear that kind of high heels?

Although her belly was not obvious, from the low-heeled shoes she could be sure that she was pregnant.

"Miss Anna, what can I do for you?" Rachel asked, standing up and smiling at her.

Anna smiled back and said with admiration, "I saw your act just now. You are really something. Everyone admires you a lot."

"Really?" Rachel said with a smile, "It's natural for anyone to act like that in front of such a bad woman."

A sensitive feeling rose in Anna's heart. "What do you mean by that?" she asked.

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