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   Chapter 64 Cleared the Ban

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Their hot breath made the atmosphere in the room extraordinarily ambiguous.

Realizing this improper behavior, Rachel reached out to push him, but was held more tightly.

"Ah..." The more violently Rachel struggled, the harder Clark held her and kissed her.

She kept struggling. She felt she was almost out of breath. Her body became weak and limp like a hypoxic fish.

Noticing her change, he became more or less gentle to her.

His kiss was originally strong and overbearing, with anger and passion, then gradually became gentle and lingering, and poured all his emotions.

With a fragile and domineering aura, Clark tightly circled Rachel, and her memory came back again.

Thinking of the last time they kissed, Rachel's face began to burn.

Without any warning, Clark let go of her, and she could feel his breath.

"You didn't refuse?" Clark teased, raising his eyebrows.

Her face was as red as a ripe apple and her heart beat fast.

"What...... What are you talking about?" Rachel asked in a low voice. Turning around, she tried to calm down.

All of a sudden, Clark hugged her in his arms. He gave her a powerful vibe that she was allowed to refuse. Gradually, Rachel lost her breath and her body trembled!

Suddenly, she heard the sound of footsteps. Rachel was shocked and tried to get rid of him. She stood one meter away from him and turned around to look at him.

Clark did not say a word and his expression was very calm.

Hearing the sound of the footsteps passed the lounge and went away, Rachel was finally relieved.

"Why do you forbid Bill to act in the movies invested by you?" Rachel asked, taking a deep breath.

With his brows knitted, Clark snapped, "Rachel, are you still thinking about him?"

Stunned, Rachel wondered what was on his mind?

"I have nothing to do with Bill. Please don't get us wrong. It's just because he helped me before. I don't want you to regard him as a thorn in the flesh.

You also helped me and saved my life. If someone did this to you, I would stand out for you," Rachel calmly explained.

"You want me to clear the ban against him?"

"Yes," Rachel n

just fondled her hands for a few more times. Generally speaking, this kind of sexual assault was very common on the filming site. The director was not surprised at such a thing. But today, director Zack criticized him for doing this.

Did Rachel really have a powerful background?

After Rushton Yang went back in disgrace, he was inexplicably scolded by his agent, and he was informed that his scenes had been reduced.

Rushton was shocked. He knew that he would not do anything inappropriately to Rachel during shooting in the future.

However, Rachel knew nothing about it. When she was off the stage, Michelle hurriedly came to take care of her.

"Mr. Clark has just left. He seems to be angry..." Michelle warned Rachel carefully.

Puzzled, Rachel looked at her and asked, "Is he angry?"

After thinking for a while, Michelle decided to shut up. "I don't know."

When he got back to the car, Clark looked gloomy as if he was deep in thought.

He wouldn't allow anyone else to touch his belongings!

At this time, his cell phone rang. It was a call from Anna.

"What's the matter?" Clark's voice was cold.

"Clark, you promised you will go to the hospital with me for my antenatal care today. Do you forget about it?" Anna seemed to feel his bad mood and spoke in a cautious way.

"Where are you?" Clark frowned.

"I'm in RA Hospital right now. Can you come over and company me?" Anna asked again.

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