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   Chapter 62 Getting Away From Clark

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With a lazy look at Nancy, Rachel said, "Don't think too much. Not everyone is as vicious as you. Focus on your work. I don't want to have anything to do with you."

With that, Rachel went straight to her film crew, ignoring Nancy.

Nancy looked at her with hatred, stomped and left.

In the filming site, as soon as Nancy entered the studio and passed through a lounge, she was pulled into the lounge by Mr. Neil. The latter pressed her against the wall and started to kiss her.

Nancy's face turned pale. "Director Neil, you...... What are you doing?"

"You little bitch, stop pretending to be pure and innocent! Please let me have sex with you first!" Finishing his words, director Neil started to have sex with her in spite of Nancy's objection.

Someone had secretly took a video of all this.

When they walked out of the lounge, Bill was looking for director Neil everywhere.

As soon as Bill saw director Neil and Nancy behind him, he immediately became furious.

"Director Neil, you said that the heroine of this play is Rachel, didn't you? Why is it changed to Nancy now?" Bill asked furiously.

Seeing that Bill was in a bad mood, director Neil hurried up to explain, "I'm sorry, Mr. Bill. Rachel was appointed to be the heroine, but she went back on her words and was unwilling to act in this movie. I have no choice but to change another actress."

Bill glanced at Nancy with a bit of disgust and immediately refused, "I don't want to play with such a wicked woman!"

"Mr. Bill, don't forget you signed the contract," said director Neil, shocked.

"It's just a liquidated damages. I can afford it." With that, Bill turned around and left.

"No, it's not like that..." Director Neil stopped him at once, "Mr. Bill, what can I do to make you continue to act in the movie? We have started our shooting. How can you just leave like that?"

"I've told you that if Rachel acts the heroine of this movie, I'll act the hero. I will reconsider the shooting unless you invite her back."

Hearing what he said, Nancy was furious. "What on earth did she do to you? Did she seduce you? O

old. She did not expect that another woman took advantage of it when she was not with Clark.

And this woman was Rachel!

Thinking of the fact that it was not easy for her to have this baby as the chip to marry Clark, she couldn't give up halfway.

She wouldn't be able to complete her ultimate task until Clark and the Bai family sighed on the agreement.

In order to save the Bai family, Anna had gone all out.

She took out her phone and dialed Rachel's number.

"Hello?" Rachel said.

A hint of conspiratorial smile surfaced on Anna's face. She said gently, "Miss Rachel, can I see you now?"

Subconsciously, Rachel looked at her watch and refused, "Sorry, Miss Anna. I'm too busy to see you now. You can tell me on the phone if you have something urgent."

A cold smile appeared on Anna's face. "Busy? Okay, then I'll go to the filming site to meet you."

After that, Anna got into her car and drove slowly behind Rachel's car.

When Rachel was back to the filming site, Anna also got out of her car and blocked her way.

"Rachel, do you have a few minutes?" Anna sneered.

Staring at her for a while, Rachel asked, "Miss Anna, what's up?"

A glimmer of jealousy flashed in her eyes. "Of course I have something to tell you. I'm here to warn you to stay away from Clark!"

Puzzled, Rachel looked at her and asked, "What happened? When do I have any relationship with Clark?"

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