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   Chapter 61 Going Beyond You

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With anger still lingered on her face, Rachel said coldly, "No one's scrambling with you. If you have the ability, take it yourself!"

With that, Rachel said goodbye to Michelle and left.

Nancy gave her a stare before entering the office of director Neil.

After a while, some moans were heard from inside the office.

After getting on the car, Rachel was still angry. Michelle asked her in confusion, "Rachel, what happened? Why are you so angry?"

"What kind of person is that director Neil? He asked me to act in kissing scenes and erotic scenes. Apart from that, he wanted to touch me. I won't accept this movie!" Rachel replied angrily. She had never been insulted like this.

After that, Michelle understood what had happened to Rachel. With her hands on the steering wheel, Michelle stared blankly ahead and said in a casual tone, "Rachel, you are under great protection. Don't you know that this kind of thing is very common in the entertainment circle?"

Stunned, Rachel turned to her and asked, "What do you mean?"

Michelle let out a sigh and continued, "Generally speaking, an ordinary actress, especially a woman without any background, would be bound to go through this trouble if she wants to make it to the higher level.

Someone is lucky. They won't be forced to have sex with any director because some directors are nice. But if not, they would end up with what happened to you today."

It was the first time for Rachel to hear about hidden rules in the entertainment circle. She used to think that it was just exaggerated, but it turned out to be a common case in the entertainment circle?

"But director Bob and Tristan did not......" Puzzled, Rachel looked at Michelle, waiting for her answer.

Michelle smiled, explaining, "They know you are under the protection of Mr. Clark, so they dare not to do something to you. But I'm not sure if they are righteous people or nor. I also don't know whether they have done this kind of thing to any other female stars."

Rachel remained silent. It turned out that her success in the entertainment industry was mostly attributed to Clark.

Otherwise, as Nancy said, there would be no way for her to have a good career in the entertainment industry.

However, this result greatly stimulated Rachel's fighting will.

She couldn't believe that she had no choice but to depend on Clark?

"Even so, I'm not going to be acting in any movies invested by Mr. Clark," Rachel said firmly. She did not want to change her mind.

Michelle wanted to persuade her, but was interrupted by her,

y it out now!"

Director Zack Liu saw that she was straightforward, so he agreed, "Okay, now do the audition! This is more efficient!"

Director Zack Liu was very satisfied with the skills and experience that Rachel had displayed on the spot when she did the audition.

"Miss Rachel, I admire you very much. If you think it's okay, we can sign the contract now," Director Zack Liu said excitingly.

"Director Zack, you've made the decision so soon?" asked Rachel, surprised.

Director Zack smiled quickly, explaining, "It's rare to meet such a suitable person. There is no need to do more auditions. You've got it!"

In this way, Rachel successfully won the heroine of the movie.

Rachel went home to study for a few days with her scripts. Now the actors of the movie had been found one after another, and the shooting was about to begin very soon.

The first day of shooting, Rachel came to the set, and ran into Nancy there again.

"What a small world. How can I meet you everywhere?" Nancy opened her mouth with some dissatisfaction.

With a teasing smile, Rachel said, "This road is not yours. I can go wherever I want. It's none of your business."

Nancy sneered, "I've already had the part you fought for last time. Director Neil said that I'm much better than you!

Now I have the chance to play the female lead again. I will definitely surpass you in strength and exposure in the future! After I make you less popular, I'll see if you can still be so arrogant."

Rachel looked at Nancy with a teasing smile, saying, "Really? Congratulations! May you have a bright future! You'd better not make any mistake in the future!"

"How dare you curse me?" Nancy was shaking with anger.

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