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   Chapter 60 having sex with a woman

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As soon as he returned to his office, Michelle received a phone call from Michelle. "Mr. Clark, Rachel suddenly said that she wouldn't act in any movies invested by you anymore...... What's going on?"

Narrowing his eyes, Clark asked in a cold voice, "Really? Did she really say this?"

"Yes, she did," Michelle replied with uncertainty, "She sounded a little angry when she called me just now. So from now on..."

"Tell her, it's impossible!" Clark hung up immediately.

Staring at the cellphone, the pool was in a daze. Rachel and Clark were fighting, but she suffered. The two people were in a tangle, why did she get involved?

The next day, when Rachel just got up, the door of her place was knocked hard by someone.

Eva quickly ran to open the door. But as soon as she opened the door, she was stunned. "Mr. Clark? Why are you here?"

"Rachel?" Clark said in a chilly voice as he walked into the apartment.

As soon as she changed her clothes and walked out of her room, Rachel saw Clark with a darkened face.

Standing next to Clark, Eva felt embarrassed and hurriedly said, "I'm going to be late for work, so I'm leaving now. You guys keep talking!"

Rachel sat down on the sofa leisurely. She pointed at the opposite seat and said to Clark calmly, "Sit down and speak!"

"Why did you refuse?" Clark sat down and asked coldly.

With a smile on her face, Rachel said, "Mr. Clark, why do you think I have to act in the movies you invest?"

"Because you want to repay me," Looking at her, Clark said indifferently.

However, Rachel shook her head and said firmly, "I will pay you back the one billion dollars, but I don't need to use this method to repay the favor."

"Clark," said Rachel seriously, "In the past, I would definitely work very hard to help you make money from the movies, because I haven't paid off my debt of gratitude to you. But now, I don't think I owe you anything.

Now you have a fiancee, who is also pregnant with your child. I don't want your fiancee to misunderstand our relationship.

I do this not only for your good, but also for myself. Don't worry. I'll transfer the money to your account on a regular basis till I pay off the money. But I don't want to have anything to do with you anymore!"

Rachel stated while lookin

w comer. Don't you know the hidden rules of the entertainment industry?"

Taking a step back, Rachel said warily, "I'm sorry, director Neil. I don't accept the hidden rules."

Neil Xu got angry. He pointed at the door and said to Rachel, "Don't put on airs in front of me as you are a little popular now. The door is right there. If you don't want to act in this movie, then get out! If you want to act in it, you must make me satisfied first! "

Rachel was shocked.

"Director Neil, you go too far!" When she came to her senses, Rachel said angrily.

Neil Xu gave a sly smile, asking, "really? Don't think that I should be nice to you even if you are popular. In the entertainment circle, there are so many beautiful females. Today you are famous, and tomorrow maybe she will be famous. Do you think you will be invaluable forever?"

Rachel was trembling with anger.

Neil Xu did not care at all and he continued, "Don't you think that I am ignorant of the fact that you are so popular because of Clark! In private, you slept with him long time ago, right? Everyone in the entertainment circle knows what happened between you and Clark. Don't pretend to be innocent in front of me! "

With a more and more cold expression on her face, Rachel snapped, "Director Neil, I can't accept this role. You can ask someone else!"

With that, Rachel pushed the door open, and saw Nancy waiting in line outside.

"Rachel? You want to complete with me for the leading role too?" Nancy asked, looking at her in surprise.

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