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   Chapter 56 The Celebration Party

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Resentfully, Anna stared at the back of Clark who was leaving the room. She didn't expect that Clark would be so cold to her?

Generally speaking, they should be closer than usual after sleeping with each other, shouldn't they?

Meanwhile, Clark felt regretful and confused, thinking, 'Did we really have sex last night? Why didn't I feel it at all?'

But he couldn't figure out why there were marks and bruised left on Anna's body.

Clark had a headache and decided not to think about it.

He went back to the villa, packed up a few clothes and hurried back to the company.

Then, Clark started to live in the company and find all kinds of excuses not to see Anna.

Without Clark around her, Rachel worked really hard.

She would like to spare no effort to shoot, hoping to forget about Clark through busy work.

But even so, she would think about him when she was sleepless in the middle of the night. And she would also think of him when she was not busy.

But she knew very well that they would never have any intersection.

Because he was going to marry another woman.

Seeing Rachel work so hard, Michelle kept urging her to take a rest.

One day, when Clark met Eva in the corridor of his company, he remembered that he hadn't seen Rachel and heard about her for a long time.

"Eva, come to my office!" Clark ordered.

Eva was frightened and followed him to his office nervously.

As soon as she entered the office, Eva asked in a hurry, "Mr. Clark, are you going to fire me?"

"Why do you ask that?" he asked in confusion.

Feeling a little uneasy, Eva asked, "The relationship between you and Miss Rachel is not good. Will you blame me for that?"

Clark was stunned and said, "No, I won't. Don't worry. I'm not going to mix things up. You working here has nothing to do with my relationship with her."

Hearing that, Eva heaved a sigh of relief.

"Rachel...... How is she doing recently?" Clark thought for a while and asked.

Eva was extremely happy to hear that he cared about Rachel. But as soon as she thought of how Rachel had been recently, she furrowed her eyebrows again.

As she remained silent for a long time, Clark asked gloomily, "What's wrong? She got into trouble?"

"Not really," Eva sighed. "It seems that she has been in a bad mood recently. She works hard every da

able next to Clark's. Rachel and Clark faced each other, and their eyes contacted for a moment.

His eyes were deep and dark and his face was serious. Clark stared at Rachel quietly without saying a word.

Stunned, Rachel stared at him with a red face.

"Ahem," Bill gave a light cough, raising his glass and said to Rachel, "Rachel, cheers for our perfect cooperation."

Snapping back to reality, Rachel raised her glass and gently clinked it against his.

"Bill, it's a pleasure to cooperate with you!" With a smile, Rachel took a sip. The dark red liquid slid down the beautiful neck, making her especially elegant and sexy.

Not far away, Clark's face darkened.

Bill continued to ingratiate himself with Rachel, who didn't want to refuse under the intent gaze of Clark, and chatted happily with him.

She just wanted to see whether he would be jealous if she approached another man?

If not, it only meant that he had never loved her in his heart.

Bill jokingly asked Rachel, "Mr. Clark is next to us. Would you like to propose a toast to him?"

With a smile, Rachel shook her head and said, "No, I'd better not. He has a fiancee. I don't want others to suspect that I have an affair with him."

Bill shrugged and said, "I don't have a fiancee. You don't have to keep a distance from me. It doesn't matter even if we are in a relationship right now. I don't mind it."

Rachel looked at the seat where Clark was sitting subconsciously and found that there was already no one there.

Where was he? Did he slip away silently?

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