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   Chapter 54 Got Drunk in the Bar

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Turning around, Rachel looked at her up and down and smiled, "How can I be so lucky as Miss Anna? I happened to pass by here and came in to have a look because of curiosity. I have no other purpose."

Anna smiled and said meaningfully, "Miss Rachel, you have a very good intuition. Do you feel that Clark or I am here, so you came in?"

Taking a look around, Rachel was sure that Clark was not here, so she got a little impatient and said to Anna, "If you don't have anything else to tell me, I'll leave now!"

Before she turned around, she was stopped by Anna again. "Wait!"

Rachel had to stop.

Anna spoke again, with a smug smile on her face, "The car that's parking outside belongs to Clark. You know that, right? He asked me to drive it.

Besides, it was him who proposed that we should get engaged. He still had feelings for me. He couldn't let me go, so he proposed to me again. His family also agrees with our engagement."

Turning around, Rachel frowned and said, "Miss Anna, why did you tell me that?"

Anna seemed to see through her mind. She smiled calmly and said, "I just want to tell you that no matter what relationship you had with Clark in the past, it does not matter anymore. From now on, he is my man. He only wants to marry me.

I'm sorry if he has done something that may make you misunderstand. On behalf of him, I apologize to you. After all, it was my fault before. But I ask you to keep your distance from him from now on. Don't let anyone think of you as a mistress!"

Rachel was stunned after hearing her words!

Obviously, Anna was warning her!

She was announcing that Clark was her man from now on.

But one thing was for sure, in the heart of Clark, the one he loved was indeed Anna.

Realizing this, Rachel felt sad.

"Don't worry. I never want another person's man!" Gritting her teeth, Rachel turned around and left the shop.

Walking out of the wedding dress shop, Rachel couldn't help running on the roadside, regardless of the tears on her face.

With so many things weighing on her mind, Rachel walked to the entrance of a very stylish high-class bar and suddenly stopped.

She, who had never been to a bar, unexpectedly entered it!

Michelle who had been following Rachel hurriedly called Clark, "Mr. Clark, bad news! Rachel saw your car in front of the weddin

He started the car again, turned around and left.

Inside the car, with a worried expression, Rachel asked, "We're leaving. Are your friends gonna be all right?"

"Don't worry, they are not worthy of being my friends if they are so weak," answered Chester with a smile.

"This is your coat." After thinking for a while, Rachel was about to take off her coat, but was stopped by Chester.

"Wear it first. Maybe there are paparazzi nearby. If someone takes photo of you, I'm afraid you will have one more boyfriend in the news," Chester teased.

Rachel was shocked. Just now she was just trying to get drunk, but forgot that there might be the paparazzi following her.

As if knowing her worry, Chester smiled lightly, saying, "Don't worry, no one in the bar will dare to expose this. I will let someone keep an eye on this!"

Rachel then relieved, saying, "Thank you and your clothes, or I might be exposed again. "

"It's okay," Chester shrugged and said, "I'm more than happy to protect you, but it's very dangerous for you, a star, to come to the bar in public. If I were not here tonight, the consequences would be terrible.

Don't do this again. Call me if you want to get drunk. I'll take you to a quiet place, and I'll take care of you until you're satisfied, and you can tell me whatever you want to say! I promise I will be a good listener."

His words warmed her heart. Rachel said, "Thank you, Chester."

"If you really thank me, can you please give a chance to chase you?" Chester raised his eyebrows and looked at her.

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