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   Chapter 52 They Were Going to Get Engaged

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Anna's face turned pale. She knew that the remorseful behavior of the Bai Family in the past had ruined the reputation of the Ji Family. Therefore, Peter Ji did not like her.

"Anna saved my life," Clark replied gently.

Peter Ji snorted, "Why didn't you tell us about your injury? How could you have the heart to leave your company to your subordinates to manage? If I hadn't come to your company today, I wouldn't have known that such a big thing had happened to you!"

Pressing his lips, Clark didn't say a word. But Anna felt that she was a little out of breath.

Peter Ji glanced at Clark and said, "Since there is nothing serious with your body, you can leave the hospital and go home!"

"Grandpa Ji," said Anna timidly, "About what happened back then, it's our fault. I apologize to you on behalf of my parents..."

Peter Ji stood up and said coldly, "I don't want to interfere in the matter between you and Clark."

Then he left the ward with his men.

Anna was flattered. She didn't expect that Peter would be so generous that he wouldn't care about what happened back then? What he meant was that he wouldn't oppose as long as Clark agreed to marry her?

"Clark," Anna asked in surprise, "Did grandpa agree with our marriage?"

"As long as you are happy," Clark replied in a cold voice. He glanced at somewhere else.

Although she tried to be calm, Anna was thrilled on the inside after hearing his words.

"Okay, we'll get engaged after you are discharged from the hospital!" With a gentle smile on her face, Anna looked like a happy bride who was about to step into the wedding hall.

"You go out first," Clark ordered.

Having got what she wanted, Anna turned around and left wisely.

She knew that Clark would definitely go to explain everything to Rachel and they had to make a clean break.

After she left, Clark turned to Rachel's ward. Before he reached it, he saw Chester sitting outside the corridor and idly fiddling with his mobile phone.

So he went over and sat beside Chester.

Turning around to see him, Chester couldn't help but smile, "Mr. Clark, why are you here again? Can't forget Rachel?"

"I'm going to be engaged," Clark said directly.

"Engaged? Why such a hurry?"

Clark looked at

ester had to shut up.

The elevator door opened. Rachel quickly walked out and ran to the ward of Clark.

"Clark!" She pushed the door open, but found no one in the ward. The quilt on the bed was folded neatly.

When Chester came in and saw the disappointment on her face, his heart ached inexplicably.

"He has left the hospital," murmured Rachel.

Chester didn't know how to answer her.

"How could he leave without telling me?" With a wry smile, Rachel shook her head helplessly.

It seemed that she was the person who thought too much.

She thought he at least probably liked her because he saved her at the risk of his own life. But it was nothing compared to the appearance of Anna.

She thought he would know that she loved him since she risked her life to find the irises to save him, but it was not enough for him to stay.

Thinking of this, Rachel staggered and started to fall down unconsciously.

Chester quickly held her up, and suppressed his sadness, saying, "Go back!"

Tears started to roll down into Rachel's face.

At this time, two nurses passed by and one of them said, "I heard that Mr. Clark who has just been discharged from the hospital is going to be engaged to Miss Anna. Miss Anna is so lucky. She has just taken care of Mr. Clark for a few days and already won him!"

"Yes, it's a pity that the silly girl took care of him day and night before, and she went to find the medicine for him. However, everything she did was taken by another person..."

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