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   Chapter 51 Clark, Let's be Together Again

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Eva was frightened by Clark's words and came to her senses.

"Sorry, Mr. Clark, I was thinking about something just now," Eva apologized to him.

"Do you know what kind of relationship between Rachel and Chester?"

Eva frowned, asking, "Chester?"

"The man who takes care of Rachel," Clark reminded her. His anger didn't vanish when he mentioned about Chester.

"Oh," Eva replied absent-mindedly, "I don't think they have any relationship. I don't know either."

Narrowing his eyes, Clark asked, "Then how did you know he know her?"

Eva shook her head and answered honestly, "Actually, I don't know. Miss Rachel has been unconscious all the time. It was Chester who sent her to the hospital. I can't ask him about that, right? So I have been waiting for her to wake up."

"You should take care of her and let him go from now on!" Clark ordered coolly.

Eva said in hesitation, "Mr. Clark, I don't think it's a good idea. After all, Chester is Miss Rachel's friend... "

"Does Rachel like him?" Clark questioned, flying into anger.

Eva could not help trembling slightly as she was afraid that he would be angry.

"It's...... I don't know either..." Eva wanted to tell Clark that Rachel had a crush on him, but she stopped when she remembered that Anna had warned her.

"You can leave now." As soon as Clark stopped putting her in a difficult position, Eva quickly ran towards the door.

In the evening, Anna brought dinner for Clark. With a gentle smile and gentle eyes, she behaved like a kind wife.

"Clark, time for dinner."

"Be careful of the food. It's hot."

"The rice is on your lips. Let me wipe it for you."

Clark stopped what he had been doing with an indifferent yet complicated expression on his face.

Anna felt a little strange. She smiled gently and asked, "What's wrong? Don't you like the food?"

"Yes, I do. I am thinking about something else." Clark withdrew his gaze, but a sense of disgust surfaced in his heart.

"How did you know I was hurt?"

Anna was stunned for a moment, and then she came to her sense and explained, "I was planning to come back, and before I came back, I called Tim and asked him about you, it was him who told me about your injury."

"Tim?" It occurred to Clark that Rachel had overheard their talks in his office.

That b

have a rest. When you get better, you have to complete your part in the movie."

"I see. Please pass on my gratitude to Director Bob," Rachel said, nodding at her.

With a complicated look in her eyes, Michelle said to Rachel, "Rachel, you should express your gratitude to Mr. Clark. If it weren't for him, Bob wouldn't have allowed you to ask for such a long leave."

Michelle's words reminded Rachel again that the reason she was so popular in the entertainment circle was that she had Clark as her backer.

"I'll thank him in person. You can go back to work now." With a depressed expression, Rachel was in no mood to talk with Michelle.

Then Michelle left.

When Rachel was about to stand up, Eva stopped her. "Miss Rachel, what do you want to do?"

"Let's go to see Mr. Clark. I wonder if he wakes up or not." A touch of worry flashed through Rachel's eyes.

"He woke up a long time ago," Chester answered for her before Eva said anything.

Stunned, Rachel looked at him and asked, "How do you know?"

"He came here with his fiancee," said Chester in an indifferent voice.

Thinking of the presence of Anna, Rachel's eyes became dim. She thought she was not qualified to see him at all.

"Never mind. We'll talk about it when we get better." Finally, she did not want to go to see Clark.

At this moment, in the ward of Clark, his grandfather, Peter Ji, came. Anna was standing aside with an apologetic face.

"Clark, tell me, what's going on? Why is she here?" Peter pointed at Anna and asked unpleasantly.

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