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   Chapter 49 Having a Crush on Another Man

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The doctor said that Clark would wake up in 24 hours after taking the irises.

Anna went to the table and picked up the fruit knife. A malicious light flashed in her eyes, and she cut her arm with the knife!

One, two, three streaks......

Before long, both of her hands were wounded.

After she settled everything down, she sat by Clark's bed again, feeling a bit excited.

A few hours later, Clark woke up.

He opened his eyes slowly and saw a face that he felt strange but familiar.

When she saw that he had woken up, Anna flung herself to him excitedly and held his hand, bursting into tears. She cried so sadly that it made his heart ache to see her like this. She said, "Clark, you finally wake up. That's great!"

She rubbed his hand on her face on purpose so that the scars on her arm appeared.

"Your hand..." Clark said as he frowned.

Anna retracted her hand in a hurry and lowered her eyes, tears streaming down her face.

"What's wrong?" Clark asked in a distant tone.

However, Anna cried and said, "It's my fault, Clark. I was too silly to protect myself. I heard that after you got hurt, I returned from abroad regardless of everything and took care of you in person, but you haven't woken up after a long time.

The doctor said there is an medicine named iris that we cannot buy in the market. It's only growing in the Prosperous Mountain. Maybe you can wake up after taking irises. I was afraid that you wouldn't be able to wake up, so I went to the Prosperous Mountain. I finally found irises after going through a lot of difficulties......

It's lucky that the medicine works. You finally wake up! Thank goodness! All the pain I've suffered has returned! Clark, there are just some bruises on my hands. It doesn't matter. Don't worry!"

With a grim face, Clark asked, "You saved me?"

Anna nodded immediately and replied, even without the slightest blush on her face, "Yes, that's right, Clark. If I hadn't found iris, you would have been in a coma for much longer."

After saying that, Anna looked at him with joy.

To her disappointment, Clark glanced around the room. It seemed that he was searching for something.

When Clark found that there was only Anna in the room, his face darkened and his lips tightened.

nly, Clark grasped the hand of one of the nurses. With a cold expression in his eyes, he asked, "Dis you talk about Rachel?"

The nurse was shocked to scream. She stepped back and apologized, "Sorry, Mr. Clark, I didn't recognize you..."

Rumors about him and Rachel were widely spread online. Everyone knew that, right?

"Tell me the truth!" Clark's face was dark, and the atmosphere in the room was too depressing to breathe.

The other nurse quickly replied, "Mr. Clark, we were talking about...... Rachel..."

"Where is she?"

"Orthopedics 809 ward!" the nurse quickly answered.

Clark shook off her hand fiercely, his face as cold as ice.

Rachel is not the person what they were taking about. If she really liked money, she could earn it on her own, how could she turn to other men for money?

Clark sneered with a disgusted look.

Anna, who had been sitting aside and said nothing, sighed, stood up and slowly opened her mouth. "It's such a pity that Rachel is so shameless."

"Take me to her," Clark suddenly stated.

Anna was a little surprised, asking, "Clark, you can't get off the ground now. How can you go to see her?"

"Go and fetch a wheelchair for me!" Clark ordered coldly.

Anna was shocked by his coldness. She was about to refuse his invitation, but on second thought, she hypocritically agreed, "If you have to see her, I will take you there! I happen to want to see which man does Rachel fall in love with, and she even forgot to thank you for saving her life!"

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