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   Chapter 48 An Idea

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But there was no time to think too much. The priority was to save Rachel, so these girls followed behind Chester and slowly climbed down the valley.

When Chester went down to the ground of the valley, he quickly found Rachel who had fainted. This time, not only her legs were injured, but her entire body was covered with bruises.

"Rachel! Rachel!" Chester held her up and called her, but Rachel did not respond at all.

Other girls also went down the valley. They gasped at the sight of Rachel who was seriously injured.

Then a person screamed, "This lady is looking for iris to save her friend, but she is even willing to sacrifice her own life."

"She really went all out! Thus, she got out of the line, risking her own life to look for iris. But who is so important to her?"

Everyone shook their heads and sighed that the girl was so silly.

Chester climbed up the hillside slowly carrying Rachel on his back, and the girls helped to carry the iris, and then they left the Prosperous Mountain in heavy rain.

When she woke up the next morning, Rachel was surprised to find herself in a hospital.

Chester was sitting next to her with a calm look. He was no longer the frivolous person he had been before. He thought to himself Rachel was really silly and kind. It was very rare to see a person like her in a society of selfishness.

"Why am I here?" Rachel sat up and put her hand over her forehead. Feeling dizzy, she suddenly realized that she had fallen into a valley.

"We have saved you," Chester explained to her with a smile.

Rachel asked in puzzlement, "We? Who else could it be apart from you?"

"Those warm-hearted girls, the friends you were travelling with," Chester said as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Oh, I see." said Rachel, and then she came to herself and asked, "Where are they? They are not here."

"They told me to take care of you and they went to next scenic spot with the tour guide," Chester clarified with a helpless expression.

Stunned, Rachel looked at him and asked, "They asked you to take care of me?"

"Yup," Chester nodded and said, "If you need to do something, just tell me."

Suddenly, Rachel thought about Clark. And she asked Chester eagerly, "Where's the iris?"

"There it is," Chester said lightly, pointing at the bag in the corner.

Iris was re

ou've known another man. However, you've forgotten about Clark who saved your life! You would rather be together with your man than take care of him."

Hearing this, Chester, who was standing behind Rachel, stepped forward immediately and pulled her behind him, asking, "What are you talking about? Rachel was hurt while looking for the iris, which is enough to repay the man in bed.

She's hurt. Why does she need to take care of him? Who would take care of her? If you are a woman of conscience, you can take care of your man on your own. You don't need to bother others!"

A satisfied smile appeared on Anna's face. She said that just now to test their relationship, but she didn't expect that this man was really interested in Rachel.

"What's your name?" Anna asked curiously.

"My name is Chester!" Chester replied with a firm voice!

"Okay," said Anna calmly, "Mr. Chester, no matter what relationship you have with Rachel, she should take care of Clark because he was injured because of her. Please don't interfere in this matter."

"Bah," Chester sneered, "You are such a failure. You can't even take good care of your own man? If you have the time to scold Rachel, you might as well learn how to take care of your husband!"

Then, Chester held Rachel's hand and turned around, saying, "Go back to have a rest. Let them deal with their own trouble!"

Rachel knew there was a huge hostility between Anna and her. Every time they met, they always quarreled with each other.

As soon as they left, Anna came up with another idea.

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