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   Chapter 46 The Pestering

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With a cold look, Rachel slowly stood up from the ground. "Miss Anna, what did you mean by that just now?"

Anna looked at her with amusement, and asked aggrievedly, "You fell because you didn't stand firm, and you broke the medicines. You did not apologize for what you have done. Instead, you want to blame me?"

"You!" Rachel started to realize how sly this woman was. Last time, she arranged for a group of journalists to make things difficult for her, and this time, she purposely tripped her up and made her threw medicine on the floor?

She thought Anna was a gentle person in the beginning, but she was actually a wolf in sheep's clothing.

"What? Do you have anything to say?" Anna didn't take it seriously. She stood up and looked at Rachel.

"If you could walk more steadily and keep an eye on everything, how could you fall down so easily? Don't blame others for the accident. You should consider how to improve yourself. Otherwise, I am afraid that your will keep making mistakes."

After hearing what she said, Rachel was rendered speechless. She did not know how to retort.

Rachel thought perhaps Anna was right. If she had been more vigilant, she wouldn't have gotten into so many troubles and Clark wouldn't have suffered too much because of her.

Thinking of this, Rachel clenched her fists and didn't say anything more.

Seeing her secretly sad look, Anna was even more complacent.

At this time, the doctor came in and made a routine examination for Clark.

"How is he doing?" Anna asked the doctor, pretending to be worried of Clark's condition.

"How long will he...... Is there any other way to wake him up and get better soon?"

After the examination, the doctor said to the two, "Mr. Clark is in a serious condition. There is a little chance for him to wake up. But I know there is a kind of medicine that is good for the patient to wake up quickly. Unfortunately, this medicine is not sold in the market. It is too rare and most people have put it in their collections,"

the doctor said regretfully.

Anna's eyes suddenly lit up. She asked in a hurry, "Doctor, what's the name of the medicine? Do you know where we can find it?"

The doctor sighed and said, "This kind of material is called iris. It's said that it is growing in the Prosperous Mountain."

Hearing this, Anna turned around immediately to Rachel and said, "Didn'

ered they promised to help Rachel to look for iris.

Several young girls walked over, laughing, and asked, "Sister, have you found iris?"

"Iris is not easy to find."

They stopped in front of Rachel while talking to each other.

Seeing the standard smile of Chester Jiang, the girls were instantly fascinated.

"Wow, where does this handsome guy come from?"

"So handsome! Is he her boyfriend? Does he come here for her?"

They were all discussing with each other while pointing at Chester.

Chester Jiang greeted them, "Hi, everyone. My name is Chester Jiang! I am her new friend."

With a little frown, Rachel stood up and said, "Don't trust him. He is not my friend at all."

"What?" Everyone's face changed when they heard this.

"Sister, did he bully you just now?"

"Yes, what did he do to you just now?"

With a cold look at Chester, Rachel hummed and said, "He harassed me just now."

As soon as her words came out, the girls immediately burst into an uproar!

"What? How dare you lecher act so presumptuously in broad daylight?"

"Beat the lecher up!"

"Beat him to death! She is so pretty. How dare you harass her?"

Suddenly, the group of girls rushed to Chester Jiang like the tide!

Chester's face changed dramatically and looked at Rachel aggrievedly, "When did I harass you?"

"Language harassment!" With a sneer, Rachel turned to the girl. "Let's work together to drive this lecher away so that he won't harass other girls!"

As she spoke, she also took the lead in going forward, intending to drive Chester away with other girls!

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