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   Chapter 45 Scheming Bitch

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After calming herself down, Rachel came out of the bathroom. A mixed feeling surged in her heart as she looked at Clark lying on the bed.

It was obvious that Anna came to provoke her.

Unfortunately, she couldn't go straight to the point. Because she knew Anna was his fiancee.

Although he had strongly denied their relationship, the family heirloom at Anna's hand was an evidence of their relationship.

If Clark had nothing to do with Anna, why didn't he take the family heirloom back?

Thinking of this, Rachel could not help but believe what Anna said.

In the next few days, Anna only walked around in the ward during the daytime. Most of the time, she was nowhere to be seen. And Rachel was responsible for all the work.

One day, a group of journalists barged into the ward all of a sudden. With cameras in their hands, they could take so many pictures of Rachel while asking, "Miss Rachel, why do you take care of Mr. Clark on your own? Are you sure there's nothing special between you two?"

"Miss Rachel, it's said that Mr. Clark's injury was caused by you. Could you tell us more about the details?"

"Miss Rachel, with your special friendship with Mr. Clark, I am wondering if your success in the entertainment circle is related to his special care?"

When she was still in a daze, Rachel was surrounded by so many journalists and they asked him lots of questions that she couldn't answer one after another.

Suddenly, she saw a familiar figure behind them.


Rachel smiled helplessly. It seemed that Clark's fiancee really took her as a rival in love?

As soon as they took photos of Rachel, the journalists turned the camera to Clark.

Seeing this, Rachel rushed over and blocked in front of him, shouting angrily, "Don't take photos of him! Please stop!"

No one had ever seen such an angry Rachel, so they were stunned by her scolding.

In the eyes of the public, Rachel was always gentle and strong. But at this moment, her anger made people realize that she was protecting Clark.

"Go away! If you don't get out, I will declare to the public that you force me to quit the entertainment circle!" Rachel was in a towering rage.

The journalists looked at each other in dismay. Rachel was a star who just became a celeb

picked up the medicine. At the same time, she explained, "I'm sorry. I was just about to feed him the medicine. As soon as you came, I forgot it."

"Really?" Anna couldn't help but give her a disdainful look and said, "You can't even do such a little thing. Miss Rachel is really too delicate.

In that case, why are you brazen enough to be a free maid here? Isn't it good to be your big star? You will need someone to take care of you!" With a disdainful look on her face, Anna was sniffing at Rachel.

Rachel took a deep breath to calm herself down.

"Miss Anna, since you are delicate, as his fiancee, why don't you feed Mr. Clark yourself?" Rachel asked calmly.

Anna reached out her hand and said, "Give me the medicine."

Hearing this, Rachel took two steps forward and was about to give the medicine to Anna.

But she didn't notice that Anna stretched out one of her legs suddenly!

All of a sudden, Rachel felt that she was stumbled by something. Suddenly, she lost her balance and was about to fall forward!

Bang! The bottle in Rachel's hand fell on the ground, splashing with shards of glass, and brown medicine flowed all over the floor.

With her eyes wide open, Rachel thought about what happened just now and couldn't understand what on earth Anna was doing?

But Anna Bai pretended to be surprised and said, "Rachel, how could you do this to Clark? He saved your life!" If you can't even do a simple job, how can you still stay here? Pack your things and leave here right now!"

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