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   Chapter 42 Clark Was Injured Badly

A Touch Of Fancy By Tao Su Characters: 7512

Updated: 2020-03-14 00:22

The blood spurted from Clark's back and stained his whole back!

Her eyes were wide open in shock. Rachel looked at everything unbelievably. After a long while, the world became very quiet, as if she was the only one left in the world.

"Clark....... Are you okay, Clark?" Rachel stretched out her hand and wanted to touch him, but her hand was shaking severely.

Enduring great pain, Clark pushed her away and urged, "Run!"

The kidnappers behind him burst into laughter. "Want to escape? None of you is able to escape from us!"

Clark wanted to continue to protect Rachel, but his mind started to blur. He covered his chest, could no longer support himself, and fell down slowly.

With him in her arms, Rachel couldn't help but cry, "Clark, please don't leave me! You can't die. If you are dead, what should I do?"

The kidnapper who had just been hit on the ground also stood up again, pointing at Clark and Rachel, and said with a cold smile, "You are a tragic couple. Today you are going to die together in our hands!"

At this moment, there was a burst of rapid footsteps not far away.

The kidnappers were alarmed at once.

Eva ran towards here with the police and shouted, "Miss! Our miss is over there! Mr. Clark is there too!"

After hearing this, the two kidnappers looked at each other.

One of them stepped forward and grabbed Rachel by the arm to lift her up from the ground!

"How dare you bring cops here? I will kill you! None of us is going to survive today!" The kidnapper was more than furious. He shouted loudly.

Once again, the cold dagger was against Rachel's neck!

Seeing this, Eva trembled with fear. "Miss Rachel! Please don't hurt her!"

The kidnappers sneered at them, saying, "If you don't want me to hurt her, then ask these policemen to go away. Let us go!"

The policemen looked at each other, not daring to go forward for a moment.

Facing the police, the two kidnappers didn't notice the movement behind them.

Shaking her head towards Eva, Rachel said in pain, "Eva, take Clark to the hospital right now! Leave me alone!"

Eva was anxious. She shook her head and refused, "No, that's impossible! What would happen if you fell into their hands? I can't let you get hurt without

t her, "Don't worry. Mr. Clark is a strong man, and he's lucky. He'll be fine."

The more he comforted her, the more Rachel's mood was out of control. "Bill, why am I so unlucky? I got kidnapped. Why did I make him injured?"

Bill patted her on the shoulder and said in a soft voice, "Don't think too much. If I were him, I would also risk my life to save you."

Bill looked at Rachel firmly, his eyes full of deep affection.

Unfortunately, right now, Rachel was in no mood to notice the meaning behind his eyes.

"Do you think he will get better?" Rachel asked with uncertainty.

Bill nodded and comforted Rachel, "Definitely. Even for you, he must get well. Otherwise, I will take you away from him!"

Rachel was stunned.

Then, with a self mockery smile, Bill said, "I'm just kidding. If I tell Mr. Rachel this way, he will definitely wake up. He is loath to let any other man approach you."

With a depressed expression, Rachel didn't say anything.

Bill opened his mouth again, "I reminded you last time to be careful of Nancy. Have you forgotten it?"

Rachel remembered what the kidnapper had said. Although he did not admit it was Nancy who instigated him to kidnap her, he did not deny it either.

Puzzled, Rachel looked at Bill and asked, "What do you mean by that? Do you suspect that it was Nancy who did it?"

Bill shrugged and said, "I haven't followed her. How can I be sure whether she did it or not? But I guess this must have something to do with her..."

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