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   Chapter 40 Being Kidnapped

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Rachel totally agreed with Clark's suggest.

She came to herself, saying, "You're right. That's the only way up to now."

Raising his eyebrows, Clark said, "Nancy is not stupid, so it's not easy to find out the truth from her either. We must be careful and patient to deal with her."

Rachel was lost in thought. It was true that Nancy was never a good person. She had to be very careful when she was dealing with her, or she would easily fall into her trap.

"Is this your real purpose to have her work with me?" Stunned, Rachel suddenly looked up at Clark.

Clark nodded, stating, "Yes. If you want to know the truth behind a person, you have to be close to her for a long time. The longer you stay with her, the more difficult she can hide her secret."

With an idea in mind, Rachel said, "Okay, I get it. I will get along well with her for our parents' sake."

In this way, Nancy still appeared in the film crew every day, but Rachel was no longer rejecting her appearance. Although the relationship between the two was not so close, it was harmonious.

During this period of time, Rachel was afraid that Nancy was suspicious, so she did not talk more with her, let alone ask about her parents.

In a twinkling of an eye, it was the day that the company arranged for Rachel for the autograph session, so she had to go to the spot to meet her fans.

Before they started off, Rachel put on a pearl necklace which was given to her by Clark when he was buying her clothes and jewelry.

The round glittering pearl set off her neck, making her as elegant as a swan. Rachel quite liked the necklace.

When she went downstairs, Clark came to pick her up. He couldn't help smiling when he saw the pearl necklace on her neck.

"Pearl necklace fits you well. It's vulgar for other people to wear pearls, but it makes you more charming," Clark complimented generously.

Rachel replied, "Thank you, but this is your choice, and your are also praising your own taste."

Hearing this, the grin on Clark's face became wider.

Rachel was stunned. She couldn't believe her eyes. It was the first time she saw Clark gave such a big smile.

When they arrived at the spot of the autograph session, she was stunned to see so many people under the stage. It was the first time she had seen s

and marry you as my concubine instead of killing you!"

As he said, he untied the rope on her hands and feet, and the greed in his eyes was obvious. "It's too troublesome to tie them up, and it's not fun at all. Let me help you loosen the rope. You'd better be passionate, or you may be in danger!"

Without saying a word, Rachel let him loosen the rope around her hands and feet.

She looked around and finally fixed her eyes on the stone that was very close to her.

The ruffian was about to take off her clothes, and Rachel began to resist strongly.

She kept struggling. After a long while, he still couldn't unbutton her shirt. Out of anger, he reached out his hand and slapped her across the face!

Bang! Suddenly, a stone appeared in Rachel's hand and started to hit his head with all her strength!

"Ah! Bitch!" The ruffian screamed and covered the bleeding head with his hand subconsciously.

In a moment of desperation, Rachel hit him again and again until the ruffian passed out.

She breathed a sigh of relief and put down the stone in her hand. She looked around and found that she didn't have any communication tools in the wilderness. Even if Clark found this place, how could he find her in this forest?

Looking at the ruffian, Rachel knew she couldn't stay here any longer, or there would be another fierce battle when he woke up.

She stood up and unconsciously touched her neck. The necklace was still there.

Suddenly, an idea occurred to her. Maybe these pearls could guide him to find her?

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