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   Chapter 39 Started With Nancy

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However, thinking of the movies in the second half of the year and the soaring reputation and acting skill of Rachel, Nancy believed that she could not sit still and do nothing.

For a better future, this humiliation was nothing at all!

Nancy took out her phone and dialed Rachel's number.

"Hello?" Rachel said in a sweet voice.

Nancy took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down, and asked, "Rachel, where are you? Let's meet. I want to make it up with you..."

"Make it up?" Rachel's voice was full of a sneer, "Why should I meet you and make it up with you? The last person I want to see in my life is your family!"

Then Rachel hung up the phone immediately.

Nancy stared blankly at the phone.

This was not what Rachel was like before. In the past, she had always been very good tempered, and rarely resisted Nancy and others in her family.

But now, Rachel was just becoming famous. How dare she look down upon her?

Thinking of this, Nancy gnashed her teeth in hatred.

However, she had to restrain herself at the thought that she would have to rely on Clark to get more movies.

Coming out of the filming site, Rachel had nowhere to go. She wanted to take a walk, so she went into a suitcase shop.

Just as she was looking at the suitcases, a voice full of surprise came from the door, "Sister? It's such a coincidence to see you again."

When Rachel turned around, she saw a face she didn't want to see again.

"Nancy, are you following me?" Rachel asked coldly with a sullen face.

Nancy felt wronged and said, "Sister, I called you just now, waiting to meet you, but you refused. So I can only come out to look for you."

"What do you want from me? To show off how you persuaded Clark to let you join in the film crew? Or you want to tell me the relationship between you and Clark?" Rachel asked in reply coldly.

Judging from her past experience, nothing good would happen every time she saw this woman.

Nancy liked to show to her how close they were to each other.

Hearing her question, Nancy pretended to be hurt.

"Sister, how could you say that to me? We are best sisters..."

Rachel interrupted her coldly, "You and I are not sisters. We both clearly know that!"

With that, Rachel walked out of the suitcase shop, completely igno

hat she ignored Clark and was about to leave. However, he grabbed her hand and pulled her again. Then, same as before, Rachel was on his back.

"Put me down, Clark!" Rachel protested discontentedly.

Clark's cold voice came through, "I have something serious to discuss with you. It concerns the cause of your parents' death."

His words were like a shot of tranquilizer, immediately making Rachel quiet and motionless.

"Are you serious?" Rachel asked with disbelief.

While walking with her on his back, Clark added, "Let's talk about it when we get on the car. There are too many people here."

Rachel stopped struggling on the way and lay on his back quietly.

It was not until she was placed on the passenger seat by him that he fastened her seat belt.

When he sat in the driver's seat, Rachel couldn't wait to ask, "Tell me, did you find out anything about my parents' death?"

Clark looked at her indifferently, shook his head and said, "I haven't found out what happened."

Although she was a little disappointed, she asked, "What did you mean by saying that just now?"

Clark turned to her and said in a calm voice, "You know your parents' death has something to do with the Yan family. Why don't you start with Nancy?

Since it was done by the Yan family, there is no way that Nancy knows nothing about it. As crafty as they are, Anthony and Teresa can't disclose this kind of information to others. Nancy might be our only chance."

Stunned, Rachel wondered why she did not think of this idea?

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