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   Chapter 34 The Unexpected Substitute

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"You have to replace your bodyguards when you go back. He made such a big mistake. If the news is spread out, people will laugh at you," Rachel reminded Clark.

With a faint smile, Clark said, "It doesn't matter. If the same thing happens again, I can always hide in your house!"

With an indifferent glance at him, Rachel refused him politely, "My place is too small. I don't have enough rooms."

Clark couldn't help laughing. He nodded to her, turned around and walked away.

The harmonious picture had been taken by the paparazzo hiding in the dark.

An hour later, the warm picture of Rachel walking Clark out of her place was spread widely on the Internet. Even many media reported the relationship between them.

Some people guessed that there was something ambiguous going on between Rachel and Clark. Some said that they might be a couple, while some said that Rachel was Clark's mistress. If not, why would Clark try to package her and make her popular?

When Rachel saw these overwhelming rumors, she was so angry that she trembled.

"They have gone too far! How can you make wild guesses about other people's private affairs?" Rachel stated coldly.

Michelle sitting next to her consoled, "Rachel, don't think too much about it. When you are famous, media tend to make up news about you. You know this well. I bet these people who are jealous of you must have done it secretly. Don't worry, Mr. Clark will handle everything well."

Just then, Rachel's phone rang. It was from Clark.

"I saw the gossip on the Internet. Don't worry. I'll have my people handle it."

Then Clark hung up the phone immediately.

She was so worried and angry just now, but hearing what Clark said, Rachel calmed down gradually.

In the building of the Ji group.

With a straight face, Clark snapped at the other end of the line, "Deal with of those gossip online right now! I want every piece of news related to this are deleted."

After a while, there were two statements online, one was from the studio of Rachel, the other was from the Ji group.

The two statements had the some meaning. They wanted to clarify the relationship between Rachel and Clark. They mentioned they were just normal friends. They also threatened that they would sue the person who spread the rumor by legal means.

After the statement was relea

ye here, when we can meet again. But I know, no matter how far I'm going, my heart will always be with you..."

"I love you..." Suddenly, Rachel stood on tiptoe and was about to kiss Bill.

"Stop!" Suddenly, another male voice sounded in the air.

They hadn't finished making the kissing yet. Why did the director suddenly stop them?

Stunned, Rachel and Bill turned around and found Bob ask them to stop.

Bob then said in a calm voice, "This scene is cancelled and the script has been changed. Now you can have a rest! When the script is prepared and sent to you, we will restart filming!"

Rachel breathed a sigh of relief and she was so happy she did not need to really kiss Bill.

In the dark, Clark watched Rachel relieved with a smile on her face. He couldn't help smiling.

Soon later, his cell phone rang, and there came the voice of Bob, "Mr. Clark, are you happy now? They have not kissed each other!"

"Well," Clark said in a cool voice, "If Rachel needs to kiss someone in your future movie, you have to change the script or find a substitute. You make a choice!"

Bob was a little shocked, but he quickly responded, "Okay, okay, I'll ask someone to find a substitute!"

When she got the new revised script again, Rachel was surprised to find that all her scenes of intimacy had been deleted.

Furthermore, Michelle told her that she had a substitute and she didn't need to act in person from now on in terms of kissing or fighting.

"Why is the director suddenly so kind to me?" Rachel asked with a smile. She felt weird.

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