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   Chapter 32 Moving Out of Clark's House

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Updated: 2020-03-11 00:12

The rim of Rachel's eye turned red. Clark could not help but furrowing his brows and asked, "Did you hear our conversation just now?"

With a hint of panic in her eyes, she shook her head and said, "No, I heard nothing."

Staring at her directly into Rachel's eyes, Clark explained, "I did have a fiancee before, but she took the initiative to cancel the wedding. Then we don't have any relationship anymore and I have never contacted her ever since."

Stunned, Rachel stared at him in amazement, thinking, "What kind of woman would abandon a nice guy like Clark? How could it be possible?"

"The reason why she left me at that time was that my family was in trouble, so we couldn't support her family anymore," Clark added in an different voice.

With doubts written all over her face, Rachel stared at him, wondering how many women wanted to sleep with him? How could there be anyone who didn't know how to cherish him and left him?

No matter what, Rachel still couldn't believe what he said.

Seeing her hesitation, Clark suddenly reached out his hand and touched her head. "Even if she comes back, I won't have any relationship with her."

Rachel took a step back subconsciously, shaking her head, and said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Clark. It's your privacy, and I shouldn't get involved."

A slice of disappointment flashed through his eyes. With a distant look, Clark said, "Let me drive you back."

He walked in the front, while Rachel followed him in silence. There was an indescribable strange atmosphere between them.

They did not talk at all along the way.

Clark's face was as cold as ice, which made people shiver.

After sending Rachel back to the villa, Clark fetched some clothes and left without looking back.

Looking around the empty villa, Rachel kept thinking about the conversation between Clark and another man.

"Clark, your fiancee is coming back. What are you going to do?"

"Anna? Why will she come back?"

Rachel's mind was in a mess. If Anna came back, how would she feel when she saw her in this villa?

No, she couldn't stay here any longer.

Clark and she were more than just friends. Living here was disreputable. It would definitely bring gossips to both sides.

Thinking of this, Rachel made up her mind immediately.

A few days later, she got her salary.

Rachel took

different from me. I can go out without being recognized by anyone. But if you go out like this, you'll be surrounded by your fans. After all, some fans are crazy."

"Errr?" Hesitating, Rachel thought what they said was reasonable.

After thinking for a while, Rachel finally nodded, "Thank you, Mr. Clark."

"It doesn't matter. I'm willing to do anything for you," Clark said coolly.

From then on, he shouldered the responsibility of sending Rachel to work and getting her off work.

One day, when Clark went out, he did not notice that a black Maserati was parked under the tree not far from his villa.

Clark got into the car and drove directly to the building of Rachel's apartment.

The Maserati followed him with a low speed and they kept a short distance from each other.

A woman wearing sunglasses saw the car stop and asked in confusion, "Isn't he supposed to go to the company? Why does he stop here?"

When Nancy was wondering what was going on, she saw Rachel walking out of the gate and got on Clark's car.

"How can it be this bitch?" Nancy's face darkened with displeasure.

But soon she responded, thinking, "Has that bitch moved out of Clark's house?"

A sly idea flashed through Nancy's mind. She was thrilled about her idea.

In the car, Rachel took a look at Clark and casually asked, "Are you still so busy with the company's affairs?"

"Yes, but I almost finished my work," answered Clark indifferently.

"Director Bob wants me to take on a role in his new film. Should I take it or not?" Rachel asked.

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