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   Chapter 30 The Best Supporting Actress

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It was the first time for Rachel to walk on the red carpet, and it was inevitable that she was a little nervous.

Feeling her anxiety, Clark reached out and held her hand.

When she felt his warm and soft hand, Rachel gradually calmed down. She was now able to deal with the situation with ease.

In the face of people who didn't know or know them, Clark and Rachel responded with a smile one by one.

They seemed to have a special sense of understanding between each other.

They were the focus of the party. Most importantly, Rachel was so eye-catching tonight.

As long as she smiled, other women at present could not compare to her regarding appearance and temperament.

Standing beside her, Clark was in a good mood with a small smile on his face.

The award ceremony began. Rachel sat next to Clark under the stage.

When she heard the words "best supporting actress, Rachel!", her heart suddenly trembled, and she was overjoy. She didn't expect to win the award of the best supporting actress, since it was the first time for her to act in a movie.

This award meant her hard-work had not gone unnoticed.

Clark reached out and gently pushed her, whispering, "It's time for you to go up."

His statement brought her back to reality. She hurried to the stage elegantly.

When she came to the emcee's side, someone gave her the trophy and invited her to deliver a speech.

Rachel held the microphone, not knowing what to say for a moment.

She looked at Clark subconsciously. When she saw the smile on his face, she felt relieved. She said in a calm voice, "I want to thank someone first. Because of his appreciation and encouragement, I have become who I am today. With his help, I have achieved my achievements today!

Without him, perhaps I'm still living a terrible and aimless life. Without him, I wouldn't have found that I have great interest in acting. He is the light and heat of my life. Standing here, I want to thank him, Clark Ji!"

Rachel gazed at Clark and said these words from the bottom of her heart. She wondered if he had been moved by her words?

Then she turned to thank the directors and her agent Michelle.

Sitting in the audience, Clark cracked a smile.

Suddenly, his phone rang.

Clark answered the phone in a low voice. In the end, frowning, he asked, "What? Is the company in trouble again?"

Subconsciously, Clark caught a glimpse of Rachel, who was so stunning, on the stage. After a long pause, he nodded and said, "You guys take care of this first. I'll be right back."

Then, Clark left the venue.

After her speech, Rachel went off the stage.

When she went back to her seat, Clark didn't find Clark there.

Somehow, Rachel felt a little disappointed. Why didn't Clark stay to share the joy with her at this important moment?

Rachel stood up quietly, thinking that it was very likely for Clark to go to the bathroom.

She decided to look for him.

However, she didn't find him anywhere.

Just then, Rachel's phone rang.

She took out her phone subconsciously, only to find a new message.

"I have something to deal with in the company, so I'm leaving now." It was a message from Clark.

Rachel breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out that he had something to deal with.

Seeing the washroom not far away from her, Rachel was about to refine her makeup. However, she didn't notice that a pair of evil eyes was staring at her from behind.

Seeing that Rachel entered the bathroom, Nancy walked out from the dark and pulled over a reporter. The reporter was shocked with his eyes wide open after he heard what she had said. And then he nodded in a hurry.

When she was fixing her make-up in front of the mirror, the door of the bathroom was suddenly pushed open, and Nancy walked in.

"Ha ha.

" seeing that Rachel was fixing his make-up, Nancy could not help laughing, "Rachel, why are you still dressing up? What are you going to do now, since Clark is not here?"

With a cold glance at her, Rachel said, "How I dress has nothing to do with you, right?"

Nancy sneered, "Of course it has nothing to do with me. But I wonder if he would be jealous if Clark saw you are so desperate to seduce other men."

"It's also none of your business!" Rachel glanced at Nancy with disdain.

The door was pushed open again. A cleaner came in with a mop and a bucket.

With a glance at the cleaner, Nancy turned his head and said to Rachel, who was about to leave, "What do you think Clark will do if I tell him that you are with Bill tonight?"

Rachel's eyes suddenly turned cold. "Nancy, I advise you not to make a fuss! Both Clark and I hate people like you! If you slander me again, I will not spare you!"

While speaking, Rachel noticed that the cleaner didn't clean the room immediately but observed her secretly.

Besides, her hands were long and white, not like those of a normal cleaner at all.

When she was confused, the cleaner suddenly lifted the bucket and splashed it at her!

At this critical moment, Rachel suddenly reached out and pushed Nancy forward!

Nancy didn't expect that Rachel would have such a quick reaction, so she was caught off guard and pushed in front of the latter all of a sudden!


Half a bucket of dirty water was directly poured on Nancy, pouring down from her head and drenched her whole body!

"Ouch!" the 'cleaner' was so scared that she threw away the bucket in her hand and rushed to the door.

However, the floor was too slippery. She fell to the ground and a camera rolled out of her pocket.

As soon as Rachel saw it, she immediately understood what was happening. She snorted, "The evils we bring on ourselves are the hardest to bear!"

Seeing this, the female reporter grabbed the camera, stood up in a panic and left quickly.

Stunned, Nancy stood there, drenched and smelly, looking more miserable than a drowned mouse.

"Rachel, how dare you..." When Nancy opened her mouth, the stinky and dirty water ran into her mouth, so she immediately shut her mouth.

With a snort, Rachel continued, "Nancy, do you think that I will always be bullied by you? Do you think you can do whatever you want to me when Clark is not with me?"

Nancy opened her eyes wide in horror, thinking, 'When did Rachel become so powerful? How did she know what I was thinking about?'

Yes, she dared to do this to Rachel just because she saw Clark leave.

She had been trying her best to make the plan, but she didn't expect that Rachel was no longer the person she used to be!

Nancy reached out her hand and wiped the dirty water off her face. Trembling with rage, she screamed, "Rachel, I'm gonna kill you!"

With that, she pounced on Rachel!

With a sudden flash, Nancy failed to catch Rachel and fell on the floor in an extremely embarrassing state!

With a sneer, Rachel said, "I thought you wanted to take some photos? Let me help you! Then send the photos to Clark."

She took out her phone and took many pictures of Nancy.

Nancy hurriedly covered her face with her hands and shouted in panic, "No! Rachel, you are such a bitch. I will always mess up with you if you send my picture to Clark!"

Seeing the photo in the mobile phone, Rachel smiled with satisfaction. "Nancy, I have something about you now. Let's see how you will mess up with me!"

With that, Rachel turned around and left.

"Bitch! I won't let you be with Clark. He is mine!" Nancy's cry came through from the washroom.

A cold light flashed across Rachel's eyes. How could such a malicious woman as Nancy dare to dream of having Clark?

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