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   Chapter 28 Absent From the Press Conference

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When Rachel heard that it was about Clark, she quickly raised her head and asked, "What did he ask you to tell me?"

Startled by Rachel's sudden reaction, Michelle said hastily, "He asked me to tell you to take care of yourself and not to worry about the shooting."

"Oh, I see," said Rachel, a little disappointed.

"Michelle," said Rachel while waving to her, "You'd better help me to practice some acting skill when we are free now! Teach me some tricks. You know, I have no experience in film shooting."

"Well, I'm glad that you're desperate to improve yourself! Mr. Clark has chosen the right person!" Michelle quickly sat down beside Rachel, took out some documents and began to help her to be familiar with the script.

Actually, Rachel just wanted to kill time and shift her attention. She didn't want to think about anything about Clark.

This trick worked. Rachel soon forgot the trouble that Clark brought to her and put her heart and soul into work.

On the third day, Rachel urged Michelle anxiously, "I don't want to stay in this ward waiting for my retirement. I want to act! Please help me to complete the discharge procedure, Michelle!"

Michelle was shocked. "But your foot hasn't recovered yet. Mr. Clark certainly won't agree..."

"It's okay," said Rachel. She stood up and turned around. "I feel much better now. I'm not a cripple. I can shoot something easily."

Unable to dissuade Rachel, Michelle had to get her out of the hospital and then they returned to the filming site soon.

Bob was shocked to see Rachel, "Rachel, I think your leg hasn't recovered yet. Why do you come back suddenly?"

With a smile, Rachel said, "It's not a big deal. I don't have to stay in hospital. Besides, I'm not as weak as you think."

Bob looked at Rachel with some embarrassment, "If Mr. Clark knows that, he will definitely give me a hard time."

"No, it can't be," Rachel quickly dispelled his doubts. "Mr. Clark knows that my foot is not seriously injured, and you don't have to have the psychological burden. If the scene is related to action, then put off until my leg recovers. Now let's shoot the easier part!"

Since she insisted, Bob had to allow her to be back in the shooting.

With her injured leg, Rachel worked very hard to keep on shooting.

With the help of Michelle and with no disturbance by Clark, some film scenes had been shot smoothly.

Within the next two days, Rachel felt that she had lived a full life.

Even though she had to apply ice blocks to her feet during the half-time break, she was still willing to shooting, which brought her unprecedented happiness and made her forget the disappointment and depression that Clark had brought to her.

However, this day, when she just arrived at the site, Bob looked at her foot which was still a little red and swollen with an apologetic face and said, "Miss Rachel, you can't do this anymore. You have to go back to have a rest, otherwise the leg cannot be completely recovered. How about this, I give you a week off! When your leg recovers, you can come back to work! We'll shoot some scenes without you this week."

"Bob, I don't need to have a rest," Rachel said immediately.

Bob shook his head stubbornly, saying, "I don't want to hear anyone speak ill of me. Besides, I don't need to be a lame actress. If you really want to continue acting, go back to have a good rest, and come back to shoot when your legs are well!"

Hearing what Bob said, Rachel had no choice but to go back.

As soon as she left, Bob called Clark immediately, "Mr. Clark, I've sent Miss Rachel back to have a rest. Are you relieved this time?"

"Yes." Clark's deep voice from the other end of the line.

When she returned to the villa, Rachel still hadn't seen Clark. She hadn't seen him since she "drove" him away from the hospital last time.

Only Eva accompanied her in the villa.

Thinking of this, Rachel felt more upset in her heart.

However, Eva always found a way to make her happy, and Rachel was not that bored.

Michelle would help Rachel to review the script every day. In the end, she could even recite

the lines in the script easily and she could act every scene naturally.

Eva accompanied Rachel to go for a walk every night.

One day, Eva suddenly muttered, "Mr. Clark has been on a business trip for a long time, right? Why hasn't he come back to see you?"

Stunned and puzzled, Rachel turned to Eva and asked, "Did he tell you that he went on a business trip?"

Eva shook her head and replied, "I don't know. I only heard it from someone in the company. It's so weird. He treats you so well. Why didn't he tell you about his business trip?"

With a wry smile, Rachel said, "The relationship between he and I was only superior and subordinate. He's my boss and I'm his employee. Do you know any boss tells his employee when he goes on a business trip?"

Eva asked in surprise, "Miss Rachel, do you really think that you are just and employee? He spent a billion to save you from the Yan Family and helped you to enter the entertainment circle. I believe no man could do this to an employee!"

With a faint smile, Rachel said, "Yeah, but that's because I saved him when I was a child, and he is just paying me back now."

Eva looked a little strange. "Miss Rachel, do you really think it will take so much money and strength to repay a person? If it were an ordinary person, he would not bother himself but give you a sum of money as return. But look at what he has done for you!"

Stunned by her words, Rachel thought what Eva said did make sense. She might have misunderstood him?

"Miss. Rachel," Eva continued, "I think Mr. Clark must have a crush on you. Otherwise, he wouldn't be so thoughtful for you."

Rachel looked at Eva in disbelief, asking, "Are you serious about that?"

"Yes, I am very serious! He must have a crush on you!" Eva said decidedly.

All of a sudden, Rachel's gloomy mood disappeared. No matter what Eva said was true or not, it was true that Clark treated her well.

Rachel suddenly felt that it was not necessary for her to ask Clark whether he liked her or not. They just needed time to confirm their feelings, right?

What she needed to do now was to focus on her work to repay him, and then to try her best to pay back the money she owed him!

With a target, Rachel was in a good mood, and her legs were gradually recovered.

When she returned to the filming site, Rachel quickly covered up the unfinished part.

Both Bob and Tristan were surprised by her astonishing improvement!

"Miss Rachel, what a large improvement of your acting skill! It seems that I've made the right decision to let you go back and have a week's rest. Now that your legs are recovered and you are full of energy, the feeling of your shooting will be even better! If Mr. Clark knows about it, he will be happy for you!" Bob gave a thumbs up and praised Rachel.

Rachel gave a smile, but did not say anything.

Even if he didn't show up, she believed that Clark could hear these words from Bob and Tristan.

Soon, the shooting was over.

Bob was preparing for the press conference. Rachel thought, as an investor, Clark would be supposed to participate in the press conference, wouldn't he?

She hadn't seen him for a long time. Somehow, she wanted to see him.

Until the day of the press conference, Rachel still did not see Clark go back home. She was a little uneasy and was not sure if he would be present at the press conference.

She heard a lot of information about Clark from Bob and Eva, but she never saw him.

With the company of Michelle, Rachel arrived at the site of the press conference. She had scanned the site for half quite a long time, but couldn't find Clark's figure.

Rachel was very depressed.

But as the most important supporting role of the movie, Rachel had to cheer up and smile to cope with the group of reporters in front of her.

A reporter asked, "Miss Rachel, I heard that you have a good relationship with Mr. Clark. Did he recommend you to act in this movie?"

With a slight smile, Rachel said, "I'm just an ordinary friend of Mr. Clark."

Another person questioned, "Then do you know why Mr. Clark didn't attend the conference?"

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