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   Chapter 27 A Sprain in the Ankle

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Bill was about to say something, but was interrupted by the meaningful look in Clark's eyes. With a smile, he said, "Rachel, I wish you a brighter career in the entertainment circle.

And wish you have person to help you all the way!"

Although Rachel could understand the first half of Bill's words, she did not understand the second half. 'Someone to help? Did he mean Clark?' Rachel thought.

Rachel gave him a bitter smile. She believed that Bill must have misunderstood her relationship with Clark.

Before she could explain, Bill opened his mouth again. "I have something to talk to Mr. Bill. I'm leaving now."

Then he turned around and went to the lounge.

Raising his head, Clark took a look at Rachel, saying, "Have a good rest. I'll be back soon."

Watching the two men walking into the lounge one after the other, Rachel felt something was bizarre. There must be something wrong with them! How did they end up talking to each other secretly?

After they walked into the lounge, Bill turned around and asked, "Mr. Clark, what do you want me to do here?"

Clark said indifferently, "You'd better keep away from Rachel from now on. I don't want her to have an affair with any male star as soon as she entered the entertainment circle."

"Oh," Bill glanced at him with disapproval. "Mr. Bill, do you like Rachel?"

"Who are you? Why should I tell you?" Clark asked with a sneer.

"Ha ha," Bill suddenly burst into laughter, nodded and said, "Yes, I am not qualified to know about Mr. Clark's private life. But as one of the admirers of Rachel, I have a question to ask you."

Seeing them stay in the lounge for a while, Rachel was a little worried and went there.

When she just walked to the door of the lounge, she heard a cold voice of Clark from inside, "Go ahead!"

Bill asked, "Since you are so selfish to protect her, then I want to ask you, will you marry Rachel?"

This question shocked Rachel like a thunder, resounding in her mind!

What were they talking about? Just as Rachel was waiting for Clark's answer, there was a silence inside

It had been a long time before Clark made any sound.

Finally, Bill couldn't bear it and broke the silence, "It seems that Mr. Clark just likes and admires her appearance. You have never thought of marrying her! In that case, she shouldn't be stopped from seeking happiness! She should marry the guy who has the courage to marry her!"

Still, Clark didn't answer.

Hearing the footsteps inside, Rachel fled in a hurry.

Rachel was totally shocked. She was unable to calm herself down.

She was right. Clark had no interest in her at all. He cared so much about her because she once saved him when she was a child and he was repaying her.

But what about her? How could she view his approach every time as a good omen for the further development of their relationship?

Thinking of this, Rachel smiled bitterly. She was too naive.

During the whole afternoon, Rachel was restless, thinking about Bill's words from time to time:

'Will you marry Rachel?'

'You never thought of marrying her!'

These words stabbed into her heart like a thorn, making her extremely disappointed.

Apparently, she was not in a good mood when she was shooting. She was often absentminded and made mistakes, making Bob stop the filming several times.

Bob, who always had a good temper, couldn't help but scold, "Rachel! What the hell are you doing? Are you gonna perform or not?' Rachel finally came to her senses.

She subconsciously glanced at Clark, only to find that he was also looking at her with a cold face.

Clenching her teeth, Rachel apologized to Bob, "I'm sorry, director Bob. I won't do that again!"

Bob waved his hand impatiently and said, "Get ready. Let's do it again!"

Rachel took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down.

When they were shooting again, Rachel appeared in the video, stepping on high heels. Faced with the hero's confession of love, she looked a little flustered. When she turned around and wanted to run awa

y, she suddenly twisted her foot. She screamed and fell on the ground.

Bob shouted excitedly, "Okay, stop! That's great! It's better than the script. It's more realistic!"

With a pale face, Rachel slumped to the ground. She was not acting just now? She did get a sprain on the ankle!

Noticing that Rachel did not stand up, covered her ankle with her hand and her face was deathly pale, Clark couldn't help but frown and hurried forward.

"What's wrong with you?" Clark asked coldly.

Rachel looked down to avoid his eyes and said, "Nothing. I think I just got a sprain. I'll be fine after a rest..."

Clark squatted down immediately, took off her high heels and checked. Indeed, he found that her fair skinned ankle started to turn red and swollen.

It was the first time for Rachel to see her foot being held by a man like this. She couldn't tell how uncomfortable she was. She wanted to take her foot back but was stopped by Clark.

"Don't move!"

His voice was a little cold. He frowned and looked at her swollen ankle seriously.

Clark helped her put on her shoes again and carried her in his arms!

"Ah!" Stunned and dizzy, she fell into a broad chest.

"What, what are you doing?" Rachel struggled, saying, "Put me down!"

"You are injured. Can you walk by yourself?" Clark retorted coldly.

Exasperated, Rachel punched Clark on the chest and shouted, "It's none of your business! Put me down. There are so many people watching us!"

Under the gaze of the crowd, Clark walked towards his car with his arms around her tighter.

Although being put in the car, Rachel was still very unhappy.

Since this man did not intend to marry her, why was he so good to her? Wasn't he afraid that she would misunderstand him and fall in love with him and could not control herself? At the thought of this, Rachel pouted her lips and turned her head to look out the window.

She didn't say anything to Clark on the way to the hospital.

At the gate of the hospital, as soon as he parked the car, Clark wanted to hold her in his arms again. However, when he reached out to her, Rachel pushed him away and said, "I can walk myself!"

As she said, Rachel herself went down to the ground, but when her injured foot fell to the ground, she felt a sharp pain, which made her grin.

Clark stepped forward and lifted her up. "If you can't do it, then don't push yourself too hard!"

At this moment, Rachel finally stopped struggling and obeyed.

Clark took Rachel to see a doctor, take an X-ray and take some medicine. He had been serving Rachel all the time. But to the latter, all he had done was to pay her back.

Lying on the bed, Rachel watched him bustling in and out. Finally, she opened her mouth and called, "Clark."

Her voice was as cold as ice.

"What?" Clark stopped and turned to her.

"I'm fine. You can leave and do your own thing!" Rachel said coldly.

Frowning, he asked, "Are you okay by yourself?"

"If you don't want me to be here by myself, I can also ask Eva or Michelle to take care of me. How dare I bother Mr. Clark to take care of me personally!" Rachel said calmly as she looked into his doubtful eyes.

A trace of suspicion quickly flashed across Clark's eyes. He then said calmly, "Since you can handle it yourself, I'll leave now!"

Then he put the things in his hands on the table, turned around and closed the door for her.

Rachel's heart ached. She did not expect Clark to leave for real.

This time, there was no doubt that he did not like her.

Rachel buried her head in the quilt, letting the frustration spread around her.

After a while, the doorknob was turned again. Someone came in.

Surprised, Rachel looked up and wondered whether it was Clark?

However, when she saw it was Michelle rather than Clark, she was so disappointed that she drooped her head again.

She was still so naive. How could she have illusions about Clark loving her?

Sensing her mood, Michelle couldn't help asking, "Bertha, are you okay? Mr. Clark wants me to tell you... "

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