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   Chapter 26 Would You Marry Her

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Clark didn't urge Rachel. He just said in a cool voice, "You can think about it."

The last bit of hesitation in Rachel's mind turned into a firm one when she thought of her parents who died in a frame up.

She was fully aware that Clark would be able to find out the truth with his financial resources, connection and capabilities.

Besides, he used one billion to help her to regain her freedom. She should repay this favor.

"Okay, I agree and I will do as you said!"

The corner of Clark's lip lifted. "I believe that you will prove yourself with your ability!"

Rachel gave him a smile. She also liked such a challenging life!

Before long, the car stopped in front of a large shopping mall.

Puzzled, Rachel asked, "Why did you bring me here?"

"Of course, I will help you to package yourself," Clark said seriously. "The first step to be a star is to properly package yourself."

Rachel had been working as Nancy's assistant for quite a long time, she knew something about how to package a super star. But shouldn't her agent do this?

"Let's go!" Before she could react, Clark held Rachel's hand and walked into the mall.

Rachel suddenly realized that Clark was more and more accustomed to holding her hands, and she did not resist at all?

The thought panicked her. Rachel took her hand back deliberately when they entered the elevator.

Feeling empty in his hand, Clark stopped his steps. His face turned dark, but he didn't say anything.

He took her to a high-end styling salon and told the stylist, "Get her the most suitable hairstyle."

Two hours later, Rachel's soft straight hair became light brown curly hair, which made her look pure and charming. She had completely changed.

Clark had been waiting for the result patiently. When the result came out, his eyes flashed with amazement.

He had met all kinds of beautiful women, but Rachel was the only one he met who was both pure and sexy.

When Rachel saw herself in the mirror, she was also shocked. The change was too huge!

With a slight smile at the corners of his mouth, Clark said in an indifferent tone, "It's okay. Let's go to check the clothes!"

After they left the hair salon, they turned around and headed for the clothing section.

Clark led her directly to a luxury exclusive shop for women's wear. He said to the manager who came up enthusiastically, "Choose the clothes that best match her temperament! The more the better!"

Stunned, Rachel glanced at him and thought, 'The more, the better? He is indeed a rich man who spends money like water!'

Noticing the way Rachel looked at him, Clark added, "I will deduct all the money from your salary in the future."

Two waiters with broad smiles held her to try on the clothes before Rachel could utter a word.

"Well, it's not bad!"

"Just so-so!"

"That's it! Perfect!"

Sitting in a chair, Clark could occasionally make comments on the newly changed clothes of Rachel and seemed to be in a very happy mood.

Every clothing looked specially on Rachel and she was so beautiful no matter which piece of clothes she wore!

Not long after, Clark picked up a lot of clothes for Rachel.

When Rachel finished trying on the last one, Clark stood up.

"You can take this one and go out. Wrap it up and send the rest to my place!" Then Clark turned around and went to pay the bill.

Stunned, Rachel stared at the clothes she had tried on. She couldn't believe her eyes, said to herself, 'Does Clark want to buy all these? Any piece of these clothes here is expensive, and these many clothes will cost a large amount of money.'

While paying the bill, Clark gave the salesperson his address. Then, he naturally took Rachel's hand and left the store.

"Clark, don't you buy too many clothes?" With a little frown, Rachel said to Clark.

With a cool smile, Clark said disapprovingly, "This is the money we need to spend. It's not easy to package a star."

Rachel was speechless, because she knew Clark was right.

Then, Clark brought Rachel to an entertainment and cultural company.

In the meeting room, director Bob came in with a well-dressed woman and said enthusiastically to Rachel, "Miss Rachel

, welcome to our company. This is your agent, Michelle."

Rachel reached out to Michelle, saying, "Hello, Michelle. Nice to meet you!"

Michelle politely shook hands with Rachel and said, "Miss Rachel, nice to meet you, too."

Sitting on the other side, Clark looked at them indifferently.

Rachel and Michelle had chatted for a while. Then Bob began to give them loads of work to do. "Miss Rachel, everything is ready of our new movie apart from you. When can you start working? We have to shoot the film as soon as possible!"

"Anytime," Rachel said with a brisk smile.

Bob grinned from ear to ear, saying, "That's great! With your participation, I believe that our movie will have unlimited potential! How about starting filming tomorrow?"

"I will go to supervise the work tomorrow," Clark said flatly.

Rachel was a little surprised. Didn't the CEO need to work? It was unbelievable that he had time to supervise the work?

Bob gave a knowing smile, stating, "Of course, everything will be smooth with the presence of Mr. Clark!"

After saying that, he turned around and said to the agent of Rachel, Michelle, "Michelle, please give Miss Rachel some guidance, since she is new here."

"Yes, I will," Michelle answered as she nodded politely.

The next day, when Rachel started to film, Clark was standing by, watching.

Since she was not a professional in this field, her filming was not so smooth at the very beginning. Although Michelle had helped her study the script and prepare for the filming, there were still many things she did not understand.

During the intermission, Clark walked to her and comforted, "When you are filming, you should not be disturbed by any other distractions and imagine that you are the character you are playing. Imagine what you would say and do under that circumstance if you were her..."

Rachel quickly came to her mind after being taught by Clark patiently.

Sure enough, when she was filming again, she found herself had become a part of the scene, as if she and her role had been integrated. She was not performing, but living in the real scene.

Bob was standing beside Clark and said to the latter with admiration, "Mr. Clark, Miss Rachel is performing herself! I know that this role is specially designed for her!"

In another filming site, Nancy was bored in her make-up room. Suddenly, an worker came in and told her, "Miss Nancy, I just heard that Rachel is shooting a new movie at the filming site next door. She is playing your favorite character and Clark is also there to support her!"

"What?" Nancy couldn't believe her ears. She wondered, 'Did Clark really give that role to her?

Wasn't Rachel unwilling to act? Why did she suddenly agree?'

Nancy wanted so badly to run over to see what was going on, but she held it back.

At this moment, when Bill passed by her dressing room, Nancy called out to him, "Bill!"

Bill wore a cold expression, ignoring her presence.

Seeing that he was leaving, Nancy hurriedly shouted, "Rachel is filming in the next filming site!"

Bill stopped his steps, but eventually left directly, ignoring Nancy.

When Rachel was taking a break, Clark handed her a bottle of water and said calmly, "You seem to be a talent for acting. You are doing so good."

"That's because you teach me well!" Rachel said happily as she took over the water in his hand.

For the first time in her life, she found acting to be very fun. When she overcome difficulties and got into the groove, she felt full of accomplishment!

"No, that's because you work very hard." Clark smiled at her and touch Rachel's head with his hand.

Stunned, Rachel didn't know what to do. It seemed that touching her head was more intimate than holding hands?

When she was still in a daze, a familiar voice came from behind her, "Miss Rachel, congratulations for entering the entertainment circle!"

When Rachel turned her head around, she was surprised to see Bill?

Rachel stood up in a hurry and asked, "Bill, how's everything going with you?"

"I'm good. I'm here to say congratulations to you," Bill said with a smile.

Puzzled, Rachel looked at him and asked, "About what?"

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