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   Chapter 25 Entering the Entertainment Circle

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There was a flicker of coldness in his eyes. He got up and went straight to the Yan Family.

When Clark appeared at the door of the villa of the Yan Family, Teresa seemed not surprised at all as if she had expected it.

"Mr. Clark, welcome!" Teresa said with a meaningful smile.

Clark cast a cold glance at her and looked around without finding Rachel.

"Where is Rachel?" Clark voice was as cold as ice.

Teresa replied, "You want to see her? It's not impossible, but..."

Clark's face was as cold as ice. He took out a check, which he had already written, from his pocket and waved it at her. "You want money? No problem, but I have to see Rachel first!"

Teresa was about to reach out for the check. Hearing his words, she was stunned and her face changed a little.

"You want to see her first?" There was a flicker of slyness in her eyes. "It's not impossible, but I have to charge some interest first, alright?"

Teresa believed that Clark would agree to whatever she asked. After all, she had Rachel in her hands.

Unexpectedly, Clark threw a document in front of Teresa and said coldly, "If you want to charge interest, then sign this document first!"

When she picked it up and had a look, Teresa's eyes suddenly shrank. "Severing the relationship?"

"That's right," Clark said coldly, "As long as you sign this agreement and announce to the public that you have nothing to do with Rachel, you can get a billion dollars!"

Looking at the amount on the agreement which was one billion, Teresa couldn't help swallowing.

Staring at the greedy woman, a disgust flashed across Clark's eyes.

Glancing at the check in Clark's hand greedily, Teresa said without hesitation, "Okay, I'll sign it."

She signed her name on the agreement quickly, then reached out her hand and said to Clark, "Give me the check!"

Clark put the check into his pocket, took out another check with smaller amount and handed it to Teresa.

"When I see Rachel, I will give you the check! This is the interest you want." Clark put the agreement away calmly.

Glancing at the number on the check, Teresa was delighted. It was such a generous amount of interest, and she couldn't help but wonder how generous Clark was!

She quickly turned around and said to the two bodyguards who were standing at the door of the basement, "Go and bring her up!"

"No, I'll do it myself!" Clark said in a cold voice and followed the bodyguard into the basement.

Teresa tried to stop him, "Mr. Clark, you'd better not go..."

Ignoring her, Clark went straight to the basement. He saw Rachel who was dying in the small dark room.

She was tied to the chair, motionless, and her delicate bag was thrown at her feet.

"Rachel!" As soon as the door was open, Clark walked briskly inside. He untied the rope, grabbed her bag and carried her up in his arms.

Rachel was glamorous and attractive last night, but now she was dying. Clark was immediately infuriated!

"What the hell have you done to her?" Clark said in a loud voice as he glanced at Teresa coldly. Clark glanced at her coldly.

Teresa stood there awkwardly and didn't know how to explain.

Clark threw the check at Teresa's feet and strode out of the house with Rachel in his arms.

Revenge is a dish best served cold!

Now, the most important thing to do was to save Rachel's life.

Clark took Rachel to the hospital and made sure that she was safe. After that, he took her back to his villa.

Inside the villa, Eva had already received the news and she had made a lot of delicious food for Rachel.

When Rachel was full and recovered her strength, Clark handed her the agreement.

"From now on, you are free. You don't need to listen to the orders of anyone from the Yan family or be Nancy's assistant anymore."

His voice was gentle and soothing, but made Rachel warm.

Rachel opened the agreement and took a glance at it. When she saw the number, she was shocked. "Did you really give her one billion?"

"Don't worry," a cold light flashed through Clark's eyes. "The money will not be wasted. One day, we will ta

ke it back together with the interest!"

Without another word, Rachel took the pen and paper out of her bag, drafted a loan receipt, signed her name, and handed it to him.

"Thank you for helping me. Take this note and I will pay the money back in the future," Rachel said with appreciation.

After hesitating for a while, Clark finally took the loan receipt. "Okay, I believe you have the ability to pay off the money sooner or later."

After taking a few days' rest in the villa, Rachel felt much better. She was preparing to search for a job online.

She opened the website and saw the hot news -- "A popular star accused her sister of being ungrateful!"

A bad feeling emerged in her heart, and Rachel subconsciously opened it. It was Nancy who held the press conference to accuse her of being ungrateful!

She was trembling with anger when she saw how Nancy described in the video how ungrateful she was and that she insisted on renouncing the Yan Family!

At this time, Clark pushed the door in and took a look at the website. He frowned slightly, saying, "So you have known it."

Staring at Nancy with a cold face, Rachel said, "Now that she's heartless, don't blame me for being ruthless!"

"What are you going to do?" Clark sat down beside her and asked indifferently.

An idea occurred to Rachel. She stood up immediately and took out a pen from her bag.

"I've got the record. It recorded all of the curses that Nancy and Teresa said to me! Now, it's time for everyone to see their true colors!"

Raising his eyebrows, Clark gave her an appreciative look and said, "Let me help you!"

Not long after, a piece of evidence about Nancy and her mother's maltreatment of the adopted daughter was disclosed.

In addition, the statement of severance between Teresa and Rachel has also been circulated online. The huge amount of money Clark paid to Teresa has astounded the netizens.

The trend of the public opinion suddenly changed, and those who had previously attacked Rachel all turned to cursing Nancy and Teresa.

The fact that Nancy had maltreated her assistant had been dug out, and even some people had even searched the information online that her so-called assistant was actually her sister, Rachel!

The truth came to light and many people began to criticize Nancy. Her reputation began to plummet.

The other day, when Rachel was about to go out, Clark stopped her and asked, "Where are you going? I'll drive you there."

After thinking for a while, Rachel nodded and said, "I want to go to the police station to investigate what happened to my parents back then."

Clark nodded and drove her to the police station.

Rachel told the police why she was here, but they refused her.

"I'm sorry, Miss Rachel. We won't divulge any information about these secret cases easily."

Rachel left the police station in disappointment. She wanted to find out what happened to her parents, but she didn't know where to start.

Seeing this, Clark, who had been silent, finally opened his mouth, "I can help you find out the truth."

Startled, Rachel raised her head and looked at him.

"But on one condition,"

"What condition?" Rachel was puzzled.

"If you agree to enter the entertainment circle, I will help you investigate the truth for you!"

"But why?" Rachel asked, perplexed.

Looking ahead with his deep eyes, Clark added, "To defeat a person, you have to defeat her in her most complacent domain!"

Rachel's brows knitted.

Staring at Rachel meaningfully, Clark continued, "I appreciate it when you defeated Nancy with a beautiful counterattack last time. Nancy will keep giving you hard time. And your best revenge is to be an actress and surpass her!"

"Besides, both director Bob and director Tristan think highly of you. I trust them and hope you can take this opportunity to enter the entertainment industry! If you can act well in the movie, that will be the best reward for me! You know, I have invested that movie."

With a puzzled look on her face, Rachel wondered whether she should accept his invitation or not?

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